Pain Management Coaching

Herniated disc patients are known to suffer from chronic and treatment-resistant pain.  Most of the usual treatment approaches, including pharmaceutical care, injections and surgical interventions all demonstrate considerable risks and poor therapy outcomes.  However, there are other approaches that can help patients to live better, despite suffering from one or more herniated or degenerated discs in their spines.

Pain coaching is a proven method of feeling better and functioning better, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Coaching uses the science of neuroplasticity to actually change the way the brain receives and processes pain signals.  Coaching is risk-free and patient satisfaction ratings speak volumes for themselves.

The Cure Back Pain Network relies on The Chronic Pain Coach as its exclusive coaching services provider.  We have seen the benefits provided to our readership for the past 8 years and are now proud to offer a special offer for new coaching clients:

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For more information about the many benefits of risk-free pain coaching, please read our discussion detailing coaching for herniated discs.

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