UK Bulging Disc

Hi. I’m aged 43 yrs old male from Sheffield, UK. I was diagnosed with a bulging disc at the young age of 21.

My father employed me as a removal man. At 21, I was laid up after my father and all the older employees told me just to work off my bad back. Laid up for months, no better, dad got fed up and paid for me to see a private consultant.

The doctor told me within seconds it was a slipped disc and submitted me to his ward in traction. I lasted only 1 day, as I was a young lad and could not handle the  lack of dignity. So I signed myself out and went home.

Anyway, to cut this long story short, I was off work a total of 9 months. This was before I could carry out removals again. I had osteopaths work on me and was advised to rest as much as possible. Now, I tell you more rest is worse than keeping going.

I am now in a bad way, as last Sunday I drove back from Bridlington in agony with a slipped disc. I can not tell why, how it went, but it has and I’m now home in agony.

I must have gone over a year with no problems, but now it has got me floored. A week later and I’m still in tears. My carcass is  twisted to the right this morning in real pain.

After forcing myself to walk the hallway back and forth for an hour, it is slightly better. I sit for a little break and sweating in agony, drink water and wipe my head. Now, I’m sat back and in agony when I stand up in tears.

My carcass is now twisted to the opposite side and gives me more comfort. I walk again with sharp shooting pains and twisted, but I must carry on. I don’t know when to rest. All I know is when I’m asleep and need to move, it will bring tears to my eyes and I will want my life to be over. I just wish I never have to lie down. It’s not much fun and i hope it will be on the mend real soon.

- Phil

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