Arm Symptoms from Lumbar Disc?

Hi, This is a bit of a personal rant. I had an accident in September 2012 and hurt my back.  Since that day, I have back, leg, butt and feet pain with numbness and burning sensations.

I went to the doctors and they treated me for sciatica, which I knew it wasn’t.

I was given pain killers and physiotherapy.  These did not work, so I was sent for a scan.  It came back as a L4/L5 bulging degenerated disc.

I have been in pain, chronic and disabling, on and off every day for 16 months.   I’ve had enough.  My bad side hip looks higher and sticks out more than the other.

I am still waiting for an appointment to see someone at the pain clinic, since June 2013. I went back to my doctors, because I can’t cope anymore.  My doctor gave me Gabapentin to try.  He said that he would follow up with the pain clinic to get me an appointment.

I can’t sit, stand or even sleep in bed and it’s affecting my work.  Don’t get me wrong, I do my work because I have to, even though I am in great pain.  I try to ease the pain.  It even seems to make me feel sick.  

The problem is now I’ve noticed my arm on the other side has been troubling me.   My right hand, which is the opposite side, seems numb, painful and my fingers seem like they don’t want to work.

Can this degenerated disc and bulge on the opposite side of my spine cause this?

I am worried.  It’s bad enough with my leg, but now it seems as though my hands are going to stop working.

Thanks for listening and I hope that you all feel better and back to your normal selves soon.

- Ann

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