Calcified Disc L5-S1

I had an MRI that showed a huge disc bulge impinging on the nerve root and causing me severe sciatica pain on my left side. My neurologist/surgeon recommended surgery and said it was a common surgery and made it sound like it was no big deal. Because of my age (47) and relatively good health, I would be back to work in a month and pain free.

During the surgery she discovered that I had a conjoined nerve root which made it too risky to remove all of the herniated disc because of the angle at which she could access the disc. On top of that, the part of the disc that needed to be removed had calcified.

I know nothing about MRI imaging but, I'm assuming that these anomalies can't be picked up by an MRI, since my neurologist didn't see it pre-op.

Now, a month after my surgery, I still have severe pain on my left side. She wants to go back in from a different angle now, she called it a "far-lateral approach". I like my neurologist and have total faith in her but, should I get a second opinion? She did say that she was going to confer with another neurologist who has seen this condition before.

Anyone out there experience anything similar?

Any suggestions or insight would be great. Thanks, Louis

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