Diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease

Now at 29 years of age and having suffered severe back pain over the past number of years, I finally decided to go for an MRI and got my results today showing that I have degenerative disc disease of the lower lumbar spine with loss of T2 signal and disk height with associated end plate degenerative changes.

My back pain gets chronic 4-5 times per year leading to me having to take 1-2 weeks off work each time to allow me to lie in bed. Lying flat on my back in bed is the only way I can get comfort. Iam almost not able to sit down at all with the pain. I am also bent over like an 80 yr old woman.

When I don't have the chronic pain I have very little flexibility on my right side. I can only lean with my arm down as far as my knee but on the opposite side can lean as far as my ankle. I would have a very hot stretched sensation in my lower back and would be stiff almost always after driving.

I would be quite a fit individual, walking 4-5 miles each day, as I feel that walking strengthens my back.

I have now been referred to a specialist and my doctor is telling me that I have 2 options:

1) remove the two degenerated discs


2) epidural every 1-2 years

I should be called to see the specialist next week.

What questions should I ask? What recommendations would you give me? - Mags

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