Difficult Lumbar Disc Diagnosis

This all started two years ago, after a night dancing. I have always suffered with my back on and off, but just put this down to bad luck, some snowboarding falls and a fall down the stairs.

Anyway, I had hip/groin pain for 4 months after dancing the night away. I went to the docs who sent me for an x-ray. She was not expecting anything to return. The x-ray showed I have hip dysplasia on both sides and scoliosis (mild).

I was sent for physio which I endured for 6 months with no improvement. I was then on the merry go round.

A went to see a new consultant and received an MRI of my hips. Nothing abnormal was found (except the dysplasia). He sent me to another consultant who sent me for a injection in my hip tendons under image. This was not done, as the consultant did not think this was the cause.

Then it all went quiet. I wrote to the original consultant who admitted I had slipped through the net a little and he was going to send me for a spinal scan (lumber).

Surprise, surprise, the scan shows a herniated disc and I was put on an urgent referral list (this list was so long that I booked a private appointment). The private consultant now says the herniated disc is on L5 and he wants to do nerve block injections.

I have now had the following symptoms for over 2 years constantly whilst waiting for diagnosis: lower back pain, mid back pain, pain on walking or running, groin pain on both sides during any exercise, sciatica left side, bursitis both sides, hot and cold feeling in lower back, numbness, restless leg syndrome.

My big question is do you think the injections will work?

Any thoughts appreciated. –Emma

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