Disc Problem at 17

How did this happen to me? Every doctor tells me the same thing: I am far too young to be this bad. I am 17 and developed a herniated disc two years ago. All my doctors thought the disc problem would go away in time, but it still has not after two long, horrible years.

I've gotten tons of medications, physical therapy and injections, but nothing has worked! The reason this is so surprising to my doctors and I, is because I have never done anything to have this type of disc problem. No sports, no accidents, no heavy lifting. Unfortunately, my disc herniation seems to be a random problem.

To make matters worse, I was told last week that I now have not one, but two herniated discs, and an unusually straight spine, and no tailbone. So, as you can imagine, I'm in so much pain. I feel like I'm developing insomnia from it! I can't sleep, sometimes I hurt so much I can't eat. I can't walk for longer than 2 minutes, I can't sit for longer than 10 minutes, I can't stand for longer than 5 minutes.

I'm getting the surgery in about two weeks and would like some comfort or opinions. Of course, my family does not understand, they think I'm faking, complaining or being dramatic. They don't see that I've never been in so much pain!

So, I need someone going through similar pain to help me. Please, I'm desperate for sympathy, or at least reassurance that I'll be okay. I'm afraid that it'll get so bad that I can't walk in my own high school graduation ceremony. Thank you. - Jade

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