Dropped Foot Fear

Hello: I am a 46 year old active man. About 7 years ago, in 2004, I had back pain symptoms along with sciatica. Fast forward a bit and I went to physical therapy and was feeling good, but still had weakness in my foot.

My first orthopedic doctor said that I may need surgery at some point. Shortly after that, I lifted a heavy object and my l4-l5 disc completely herniated. My leg went out from under me and I was stricken with foot drop.

I had surgery days after, and now almost 6 years later, I have foot drop of the right foot. Recently, I went to see my surgeon, because I've been feeling electric type shocks in the left foot. My doctor told me that there's a considerable amount of arthritis from the first disc surgery and this could be contributing to feelings on left side. He also said if the pain continues and weakness occurs, I'd likely need a fusion surgery to relieve the L5 nerve root.

I went to another neurosurgeon for a second opinion and he concurred, saying I have degenerative disc disease and eventually I'll need fusion surgery.

I'm terrified about getting foot drop on my other foot. Any suggestions on what I can do to help my situation? Physical therapy?

Some of what I read here interests me regarding heat therapy and getting the blood flowing. - Alan

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