Hamstring Pain from Herniated Disc

I have fibromyalgia and thought that my severe left hamstring leg cramping, that constantly needs to be stretched, was a "fibro" thing.  I also used to be a professional ballet and modern dancer and tore the ACL in my right knee and had the full surgery when I was only 24 years old. 

During my 9 month rehab of learning how to walk, and then finally dance again, I mistakenly "hopped" around on my left leg in my apartment when the crutches became too unbearable. 

I was also hit by a car crossing West 57th Street in NYC, several years later, right in the sacrum by a speeding van.  I also fell down several flights of slippery wet stairs while waitressing carrying heavy plates in 3 different restaurants. 

I am now 41 years old and had to stop dancing and waitressing due to severe chronic fibromyalgia.  About the same time I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia, my lower back and left leg began to be in constant excruciating pain.  I do know for certain that I have fibromyalgia, but the back and left leg pain seemed like something different. 

Many doctors have just simply ignored my complaints, until finally, this past February, I went to a new neurologist who ordered a lower lumbar MRI.  The test revealed that I have 2 bulging discs in the left L5 and S1 area that are pinching a nerve.  I knew this.  It also explains my awful constant left hamstring severe spastic cramping. 

The leg pain usually hurts more than the back does.  I do not want epidurals, they seem too risky, nor do I want back surgery.  I do not take any pain meds because I believe they are bad for my liver. 

I have finally made a new appointment with a back specialist for the upcoming month, but feel that she probably will not be able to help my constant leg cramp pain. 

I also believe that since I danced for 25 years, my pain might be a little worse than an average non-ex-dancer.  I am also aware that when one has fibromyalgia, the pain receptors in the brain are quicker, putting the patient in a lot more pain than in a non-fibro person. 

I feel like the only relief is stretching and even that can sometimes be overdone.  I feel what I really need is massage.  However, no insurance that I know of covers massage and I certainly cannot afford it. 

The pain makes me cry sometimes.  It is so bad and others do not understand or even comprehend the pain my leg is in.

Sincerely, Angela

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