Herniated Disc Questions and Answers Archive 2010 Part 1

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Q: This was the impression that radiology gave for my MRI1. No acute appearing bony abnormality 2. Vacuum disc phenomenon and decreased disc pace height at L5-S1 with juxa-articular osteophytes and vacuum disc phenomenon. 3. Mild circumferential bulging of disc at especially L3-L4, to a lesser degree at L4-L5 and to a lesser degree at L5-S1. Nonlateralizing in the central canal and no large focal protrusion in the central canal. Im a waitress and work 10 hour days and I'm 56 years old. Doc says its just part of getting old but it sounds so intimidating. Am I just worried for nothing? Melinda

Q: I have back pain since 2007 still I feel very bad pain and I am graphic designer. I am working computer several hours. Yesterday I went doctor he will give ask do MRI . below write MRI reports say Mild disc dehydration and posterior focal peripheral annular tear in L4 L5 intervertabral disc Mild posterior central annualar herniation causing mild thecal sac impingement at L4 L5 level. I like to know treatment. what is side effect of this. Mohame

Q: Good afternoon,I was involved in a serious accident while at work. This accident occurred in May 2007, I haven't been without pain since. The bones are healed (right scapula and rib), surgery (right hip)completed however the Doctors are still unable to tell me why I have continuous lower back and leg pain, the pain includes my feet as well. I have good and bad days. My bad days I have crippling pain, I can't move at all. My good days are days where the pain is bearable. I also seem to fall for no reason. I have no known triggers for the pain or falling.

I've been tested, I've been scanned seen so many specialists and still no one can tell me what is going on. My test come back normal and I am told there is nothing I can do for you. It has been a very frustrating couple of years, alot of tears, pain and obstacles. I was a very active person prior to the accident and I am a single mother with a young son whom is also affected by my condition since the accident. I recently spoke with a Ortho specialist who reviewed my lumbar MRI and noted a slight bulge in L5 and L6, he is confused by my symptoms. He already told me he could not promise me an answer or a solution to my pain.

I went to my own doctors to see if there was some other medical issues going on with me and there isn't. I don't know what to do! I am finding it very difficult to believe that I won't ever feel a day without pain. I can't except that this is it. I want my active life and my original job position back. My reality is that might not happen.

At least with a diagnosis I will find some solis in all of this. Hip specialist says it"s my back, Back specialist says it's my hips, what am I supposed to think? I just want to get better!I have started taking supplements in hopes of finding relief in a more natural way. I walk, I stretch and do some light exercise under the guidance of a physical therapist. I have even started walking 5K's. To me the 5K's are milestones for me, my goal is to run a 5K again some day.

I don't know if you can help or even suggest an avenue I can share with the specialist that are treating me. I'm just tired of not knowing what's wrong. I hope I haven't confused you, LOL. this is a very emotional subject for me. Thank you for your time,Lan

Q: Im totally lost. I went in for what I thought was just back pain but came out with sciatica because it was down my left buttock into my knee in the back of my leg but also hurt in the front groin area. What I don't understand are the findings on the mri which sound like nothings really wrong but the pain is there.. Annular bulging at L3-L4 does show mild asymmetry lateral to the left neuroforamina but the left L3 nerve root exits normally. I mention it because of the left sided symptoms. More or less, concurs with preliminary interpretation. I do see mild asymmetry of the annular bulging at L3-L4 lateral to the left neuroforamina but i do not see a focal protrusion or acute bony abnormality. Karen

Q: I am a 32-year-old Very active male. I was wondering your thoughts on what steps should be taken. I have numbness in my left leg and chronic pain in my lower back throughout as well as my right hip. I just picked up my MRI report. Here is what my MRI report says

IMPRESSION:1) Chronic degeneration of the L5-S1 disc with mild narrowing of the disc space. Small left posterolateral herniation of this disc, the herniated disc encroaching upon the central spinal canal and producing compression and posterior displacement of the left S1 nerve root.2) Small midline posterior bulge of the L4-5 disc without significant stenosis of the central spinal canal or the invertebral foramina.3) The other lumbar discs are normal. Normal vertebral alignment. No evidence of a compression fracture or localized skeletal abnormality. Normal position and appearance of this conus medullaris.

Thank you in advance. Stephen

Q: 2 months of ankle,leg, butt pain. been on steroids 3 times and 16 advil a day. pain meds don't work. six doctor visits and kept saying sciatica. finally got them to do a mri and i have L3 and L4 bulge that protrudes to the right. i bought a inversion table a month ago and used it some until it gave me a double ear infection. do u recommend the inversion table and if so, how often, how long and settings? all the way back, 180,145,or 110 degrees. thxx, Kevin

Q: I have been researching your website and have learned a lot. According to my MRI report, I have a large posterior disc herniation at L5-S1 that contacts and displaces the proximal right and left S1 nerve root. Most of my pain is from my nerves in my legs, and mostly my right leg by my ankle. I understand and love the idea of knowledge therapy and want to know if you think there is anything that might benefit me along with knowledge therapy. I have had epidural shots and have done physical therapy, and both have not worked. Like your site has said, the doctors now are stressing surgery because they said nothing is left for me to do. I have refused and will keep refusing surgery. I just want to get your opinion on my situation and what, if anything, i can do with knowledge therapy. Thank you for taking the time to read this message and help me and others. Chad

Q: i have problem of disc. i feel pain. so pls tell me which is best exercise for this. Bindu

Q: Hello i was hurt at work and had to get an mri on my spine the results says "T8-T9 Left paracentral disc herniation deforms the left ventral cord mild to moderate facet hypertrophy. No foraminal" i would just like an explanation of what exactly that means please and thank you for your time. John

Q: hello there, I am loli and in 2008 i fall off the stairs and hurt my back and i had a slipped disk or herniated disk. the doctor gave me medication and asked me to rest in bed 4 a month. i couldn't move at the time and the pain was severe. now am better. i can do all my activities but sometimes i suffer from certain problems like foot swelling or pain in my left butt cheek, in my left leg and a hard time standing on it. my leg feels weak. this happens to me if i do any activity like cleaning or had a busy day. its really bothering me and i'd really like to find the cure for it and one more thing beside the herniated disk workout, what kind of workout is acceptable in my case for stomach. thank you, with regards loli

Q: I had fallen in Oct o8. I have seen many docs and still don't have an answer or any relief. My 1st mri said slight disk bulge. The second one says L5-s1 broad based protrusion with facet hypertrophy and annular tear. Also had emg nerve conduction which reveals early bilateral S1 radiculopathy. I have had therapy twice and 2 steroid inj which did nothing. I am in constant pain ranging for 5 to 9. It is driving me nuts. I am on pain meds for the time being but not getting many answers. I am 42 and was told that it is mechanical and to find another job. I have a physical job. I cant sit for more than an hour so an office job is not the answer either. I never had any problems before I fell and I don't understand why I am not getting any better and no one really wants to get involved or really listen about the pain. I have constant pressure around my tailbone and burning feeling (mostly on the right side.) Also, my right leg aches and my blood feels hot in my leg. I get stabs and zingers in my feet lower back and middle of my spine. The last mri was oct 09. I don't know if its more the disk or more nerves. It seems like no matter what I do the pain gets worse. Any input would be appreciated. Becky

Q: what meant by degenerated broad based herniated discs at L4-5 and L5-S1 levels causing moderate spinal stenosis? Sher

Q: GOD BLESS YOU SENSEI ADAM ROSTOCKI for a wonderful website. 17 months ago I could have used this site to my advantage before considering any BARBARIC FUSION SURGERY which I didn't want.Posting here will be both a comment and question. My wife started experiencing back pain and sharp shooting pain down her left leg, traveling to the feet, bottom of feet are numb and sensitive to touch.

Did a office visit to a well known ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON who did all the tests with MRI, Scans, Etc. X-rays showed a HERNIATED BULGING DISC L5/S1 to be the problem and suggested surgery for correction (how kind of this doctor). Before even seeing this ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON I was doing Physical Therapy three times a week, EPIDURAL INJECTIONS (this is just temporary relief), TENS, PRESCRIPTION PAINKILLERS. Pain was getting worse that I had to start considering what options I had available. I clearly communicated with the ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON that I did not want any major surgery with hardware implanted in my back. Doctor said I can do a MINIMALLY INVASIVE MICRO SURGERY (small less then a inch incision, one hour surgery, maybe you can go home the same day or do a overnight at the hospital and get released the following morning. Everything sounded great.

On the day of the surgery, everything changed for the worse. I'm in the operating room waiting for the Surgeon to arrive. He briefly asks me if I'm ready, if my shooting pains are in the right leg or left, his brief response, will be doing a implant and walks out. I had no idea what he was talking about. I still thought I was there for a ONE HOUR MICRO SURGERY.


17 months forward I am in worse pain then before the surgery. This now cocky ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON deceived me with a bait and switch major surgery that I did not want.

I'm on workers comp, because it was a on the job injury and any surgeries need to be approved before they can be done. The paperwork shows that a HEMILAMINECTOMY was approved so I feel this surgeon had no intentions of doing a one hour surgery when he could do a six hour major surgery. Followup visits after surgery, I'm complaining that the pains are not getting better. You know what this surgeon tells me, maybe you're allergic to the implanted materials and I can do another surgery to remove it.

Over the past few months have visited other doctors for 2nd/3rd opinions. I'm now being informed that this major surgery that I didn't want wasn't done right and that it can be corrected, but is very, very risky. Do you think I wanna go through another surgery after surgery recovery in the ICU due to ANESTHETIC RELATED COMPLICATIONS (face, arms, hands, legs, feet swelled up), was a problem getting a tube down my throat, was on life support and remained in the hospital for a week.

How can these doctors jerk you around like this. Like you SENSEI, I am alot more educated about back problems, surgeries now then I was before.

I was a vulnerable, easygoing yes patient for this Surgeon to take advantage of. The surgery has been done and can't undo the damage that has been done.

I've been informed that there is impingement on a nerve from a bone which is probably causing the shooting pains down the left leg.

Current Update: Do physical therapy three times a week that includes massages, TENS, prescription painkillers which helps, but is probably doing damage to other organs of the body.

I don't think I can do another surgery for correction. I might not come out alive this time. I am a senior citizen who had a very healthy active life and most of that has been taking away from me now.

Again, thanks for all the information that you have on this website.

Are you still living in NYC. I look forward to your response with positive feedback of what I can do to get on with my life. Jim and Letitia

Q: Hi. I have a herniated disk, L4-L5 that is touching my thecal sack, I have difficulty walking, climbing stairs and putting my socks on, I also have balance problem were I trip while walking, since I can't lift my legs. I have done Physical therapy and epidural, but nothing helped. Can you please tell me, do I need to have surgery done because my mobility is shutting down slowly. Thank you. Khalid

Q: sir, about one year back i met with an accident.while recovering one day i experienced a sudden jerk in my back and since then i have had this acute back pain. i have been following homeopathy for the last one year. it did me a lot of good but i was never healed completely. i came across your website while searching for slipped disc and thought may be you would like to give me some good advice on what to do.please sir,i am only 20 years old and my immobility really frustrates me a lot. anxiously waiting for your reply, ANIRBAN

Q: my daughter-in-law is almost 2 months pregnant and has a herniated disk, she is in alot of pain, using ice packs, not alot of help. is there anything that can be done to relieve the pain and not hurt the baby ? please help....Sherry

Q: Hello I have been in severe pain for the last 7 months.Could you please tell me if these mri findings would be the cause of the leg and L.B pain 10/27/09 mri states.At l5-s1 there is a broad based left sided disc protrusion. Bulging disc material,degenerative changes and disc space narrowing contribute to mild to moderate foraminal stenosis on the left side.There is an annular tear and a shallow disc protrusion within the exit foramen on the right side at l4-l5.At l5-s1 broad-based disc bulge as well as left paracentral herniated disc which projects 5mm into the spinal canal.Moderate right-sided foraminal stenosis and moderate to severe left sided foraminal stenosis.There is impingement into left sided s1 root. John

Q: Once a person begins to understand the process of knowledge therapy, how long before symptoms start to clear up? What should one do for pain management in the meantime? What if, in spite of all one's efforts, getting up and starting to take back one's life causes greatly increased pain? Thank you. Robin

Q: Okay, I get it. It makes sense to me that emotional/psychological issues in the subconscious can manifest in the body and/or the mind can use pain to distract us from dealing with our inner crud. But if the issues are in the subconscious and just "discovering" the ruse through knowledge therapy doesn't bring any improvement, what next? If my mind is trying to keep me from dealing with my subconscious psychological issues, don't I in fact have to deal with them to end the game? Thank you. Robin

Q: I can't find where you address the leg pain associated with the herniated disc. I can't sleep at night with the pain. Surgery is not an option financially. Not sure what to do at this point. Josie

Q: I have had severe pain in my back and knees since I was 16 after an accident. I have since that time had two other car accidents and recently underwent some testing. I am in constant pain and have trouble sitting for long periods of time or standing for long periods of time. I get to the point where I can't move my arm or can't get out of bed because the pain is so bad. My MRI results were as follows:

There is a small left lateral recess disc protrusion noted at the T9-10 level, best appreciated on axial gradient echo image #9, sagittal T2 weighted image #7. There is some mild left lateral stenosis noted without prominent central canal stenosis or cord indention. Slight posterior broad-based annular disc bulge is noted at the T7-8 level without central canal stenosis. Thoracic cord appears normal in signal characteristics and morphology. There is some mild degenerative disc disease noted within the inferior thoracic spine with disc desiccation and disc space narrowing. There is a mile posterior broad-based annular disc bulge also noted at the T11-12 level without prominent central canal stenosis.

My question is: What exactly does this mean and how bad or how much pain will I continue to deal with? Tatyana

Q: Hi. My husband had an MRI last week and the results are that he has herniated disc's from L1 through L5! The Dr. is not recommending surgery, but managing the pain with a pain specialist. Unfortunately my husband cannot get in until March 1st. He is about 30lbs. overweight, under tremendous stress with work and the economy which I know have not helped this situation. Will the disc's eventually heal if we work on weight management? Brooke

Q: Some degree of disc dessication and intervertebral disc space narrowing at all of levels in the in the lumbar spine. L3 L-4 L lateral disc herniation does likely have a mass effect upon the L3 nerve root in the foramen. L4,L5 there is a mild diffuse disc bulge greatest laterally on the L side there are bilateral hypertrophic facet joint changes. L5 S1 level the L5 nerve root is asymmetrically prominent as it exits the L neural foramen. No foraminal narrowing at this level. No spinal stenosis. Dec 2008. I am still experiencing pain down my L leg. Would you recommend surgery at this point? Cindy

Q: Hello I was diagnosed with herniated discs (L4-L5,L5-S1) 2 months ago. right now I am doing stretching exercise but the pain didn't go away. My question it is I am doing ok or I should I do surgery? (if it is helping I am a women 27 years 1.72m 80kg) Eveline

Q: My husband had a MRI and the findings were L5-6 a small left paracentral disc herniation which exerts mass effect on the L6 nerve root in the lateral recess. He was on compensation and they have cut him off stating he is suffering pain from an injury he had ten years ago. He is physically unable to return to work and in constant severe pain. My question is if he goes back to work{ he is a sheet metal installer on roofs, very physical job with a lot of lifting and twisting and bending} could he do permanent damage or possibly end up paralyzed? Michelle

Q: I have multiple disc problems. My main concern is lower back pain. I can only walk 25 feet and then I have stop walking, sometimes I have to bend over or sit where I am at that time. I also have bilateral thigh numbness (mid anterior to lateral sides worse on the left then the right. I have had 3 epidural injections only 1 worked for 8 months (2 different docs-the one that worked was by the first doctor that has moved) the other 2 shots have not work. At what level do I insist they inject- 1st MRI said the problems where on the right although I kept telling them my pain is primarily on the left-1st doctor listen to me-hinch the reason her shot worked, while the other hasn't until now and he ordered a new MRI.

Results are: L2/3 asymmetric disc bulge slight more prominent along the left lateral aspect without significant canal or foraminal compromise. L3/4 diffuse disc bulge slightly more prominent on the left lateral aspect minimally indenting the exiting left nerve root. No stenosis L4/5 asymmetric disc bulge is again noted narrowing the left neural foramen and slightly displacing the exiting left nerve root. L5/S1 a broad based disc bulge with a small posterior protrusion is seen slightly more prominent along the right paracentral region touching both the S1 nerve roots more prominent on the ride side. Mild bilateral facet arthropathy is also seen. Thank you, Carole


Q: I just got my L-Spine report, and I have been having for over a year pain on my left side. Findings: There is a 13 mm focus of T1W hyperintense signal within the posterior L1 vertebral body likely representing focal fat or a hemanigioma. There is disc desiccation throughout the lumbar spine without without significant loss of interval disc spaces height. There are 1-2 mm Schmorl's nodes along the lower T11, and upper T12, and upper L1 vertebral body endplates. There is a minimal amount of endplate degenerative signal changes along the anterior aspect of the L3-4 and L4-5 disc space levels. Thank you, Isela

Q: What do you think I should do?! I'm 39 years old, a primary school teacher, mother of 2 children (5 and 7) and normally healthy and physically active, enjoying different sports and the outdoor life. Over the years I have suffered from bearable bouts of lower back pain. Three months ago I had a particularly bad case of lumbago which then led to complete numbness of my left leg and eventually pain - the famous sciatica syndrome. I have been diagnosed as having an extruded herniated disc at level L5-S1 and my GP, neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgeon and physiotherapist have all dramatically urged me to have an operation. However, I am loathe to resort to this and believe I have other options. I have since visited an osteopath twice who has also recommended me some homeopathic medicine. I am still off work (3 months now) as I still have a lot of continuous, debilitating pain and restricted movement. What do you think I should do now?!! I thank you in advance for your help and advice. Yours sincerely, Christine

Q: i am 32 and 6 weeks pregnant. i went to a chiropractor, he said i have a herniated disk and recommended decompression therapy. i clean houses for a living, i have to work, do i continue to work while getting the treatments he recommends ? thanks so much.. Sherry

Q: Hi Adam, Will a bulging disc go back to normal by itself? Fonty

Q: my son of 26 years did 2 surgeries for herniated discs at age 19 an d20 respectively. he has L3-L4 herniated. what are your recommendations. his pain is worst than the first two. with access to internet now, i am able to read a lot more of this problem and surgery was not the answer then!!! thanks for any advice, Shaheeda

Q: Hi,I'm a 37 year old male, for the past 6 years i have been having severe pain between my right shoulder blade and spine, no other symptoms, just the horrible pain, usually only when i'm working, riding motorcycle or lawnmower, when i'm non-active, its not bad. Doc has tried me on prednisone and soma and nothing helps the pain, even saw chiro for 6 months. should i try spinal decompression therapy or just do surgery? Here are the MRI results:

Findings: C2-3:No prominent disk bulgeis identified. The central canal is not stenotic and no neural foraminalencroachment is seen. C3-4: There is right-sided uncovertebralspurring with a right foraminal disk protrusion. The right neural foramenis narrowed. No cord compression is identified. C4-5: No prominentdisk bulge is identified. The central canal is not stenotic and no neuralforaminal encroachment is seen. C5-6: There is a right paracentraldisk protrusion which abuts the cord. There is a mild central canalstenosis with AP diameter of the canal measuring 9 mm there is narrowingof the neural foramina bilaterally. C6-7: No prominent diskbulge is identified. The central canal is not stenotic and no neuralforaminal encroachment is seen. C7-T1: No prominent disk bulge isidentified. The central canal is not stenotic and no neural foraminalencroachment is seen. There is cervical straightening. Thesagittal alignment of the cervical spine is otherwise within normallimits. No signal abnormalities are identified in the cervicalcord or the visible superior thoracic cord. - Chad

Q: I am 48 year old who began experiencing pain in the shoulder that moved to the upper arm and became more intense in 3-4 days several weeks ago. The pain is severe and moves through my shoulder, upper arm and lower arm just below the elbow. A cortisone shot and heavy narcotics were completely ineffective. I have had little sleep. I have no tingling or sharp pain. My family doc hit it on the nail when he asked if it is like a bad toothache in the bone, which he says means nerve pain. MRI showed some foraminal stenosis but nothing remarkable. I am getting some relief from PT and prednisone but the pain flares with any activity, very depressing because I have been very active my whole life. Is this the type of pain your program addresses? Thank you very much. Michael

Q: Hi iv suffered with my disc problems at L4/5 and L5/S1 for the last 18 yr. I was told i had DDD at this area with narrowing of the spinal canal. Iv been through 2 full term pregnancies and raised 2 healthy sons. I had an MRI September 07 as I had noticed muscle atrophy in my left thigh. In December 2007 I had an accident in which a piece of metal fell from above my head. I seriously jarred and twisted my spine trying to avoid being hit by the falling metal and fell against a small fence. I didn't fall to the floor. Within hours I knew something was wrong.

After months of agony I had surgery December 2008 the new injury was prolapse of the L3/4 Disc which has left me with permanent nerve damage and in pain 24 hours a day. I take Morphine Sulphate Oral morph and Gabapantin. My Teenage son does everything for me as I feel totally disconnected from life really as I'm in a drug induced daze.

I know there was nothing wrong with the L3/4 Disc in the September 2007 but I'm now being told DDD at the L4/5 and L5/S1 area resulted in the prolapse of L3/4 disc. I was told the following; Had you not been suffering degeneration of the spine, at the time of the incident, I am sure that the only consequence of the jarring to your back would have been a soft tissue injury. Had you not been suffering from a pre-existing medical condition, you would have made a full recovery from any such problem, within weeks.

I seriously disagree I'm not sure how someone can think this is correct. I took good care of my back and I feel an avoidable accident has taken my quality of life. I had always suffered pain but i had never in 18yr taken morphine for the pain like i do now. Thank you for taking time to read this email. Cal

Q: I fell in my workplace and they sent me to their docs for 2 months and a half and I had to work for that time, with all that pain! it was horrible. Then I change my doctor, because in the first place they didn't want to take me an MRI. Now I am in physical therapy again for 4 months, but after a month of my accident I started to feel other ailments such as numbness, and a horrible stinging legs, arms and neck pain as burning. Then my lawyer changed my doctor and a this doctor send me back to work, and I could not endure the pain and stinging, but he does not give me reasons why this happens to me, and minimizes these ailments. What do I do? I will not stay this way forever! but he does not give me an alternative and said that I need more therapy. I can not make any prolonged activity, and even people look at me weird because when I give these pricks, I seem to go crazy. How can I get my life back? Kathe

Q: I'm a 32 yr old woman who's been plagued with back pain and spasms for the past year. I've just been diagnosed with - L5-S1 disc dehydration. Large paracentral to the right disc herniation which is seen to obliterate the right lateral recess causing impingement and displacement upon the traversing nerve roots of S1 within the right lateral recess - I've been referred to a specialist but an appointment has not come through as yet. I currently go for therapy sessions at my local gym which seem to help some extent with managing the pain. Any recommendations as I'm not too keen on surgery or the injections?Thank you. Franklyn

Q: I am 49 years old and have had back pain for 10 years or so.I finally went to a doctor and had an MRI done.The report as follows:

Clinical history:Stenosis L2-3,L3-4 and L4-5.Findings:There is straightening of the normal lumbar lordosis T12 through L3.Slight retrolistesis is present L2-3,L3-4.No acute compression fracture is visualized;however there is moderate Modic 1 changes L2-3 associated with small intraosseous dic herniation interior endplate of L2.The Modic 1 changes may be symptomatic.No intradural lesion is identified.The paraspinous soft tissues are unremarkable.T12-L1 negative.L1-2:Disc dessication with loss of disc height and diffuse disc bulging flattening the anterior thecal sac and along with change in curvature and ligamentum flavum and facet hypertrophic changes contributing to moderate central canal stenosis.Neuroforamina are patent.There is a small posterior broad based disc protusion with annular tear.L2-3:Disc dessication with loss of disc height and endplate hypertrophic spurring.Slight listhesis and diffuse disc bulge indents the anterior thecal sac.Ligamentum flavum and facet hypertrophic changes are present with widening of the facet joints and small amount of joint fluid.A right posterior parfacet ganglion cyst measures 6 mm.There is asymmetric left posterolateral disc bulge with endplate hypertrphic spurring slightly deviating the left L4 nerve root in the lateral recess and contributing to mild neuroforaminal stenosis.There is mild central canal narrowing and mild right neurofaminal narrowing.L3-4:Disc dessication with moderate loss disc height and endplate hypertrophic spurring.Ligamentum flavum and facet hypertrophic changes are present with widening of the facet joints and small amount of joint fluid.Slight asymmetric disc bulge mildly indents the anterior thecal sac and just touches the left L4 nerve root in the lateral recess.Moderate right neuroforaminal stenosis.L4-5:Disc dessication with moderate to severe loss of disc height,diffuse disc bulge and endplate hypertrophic changes.The ligamentum flavum and facet hypertrophy are present with asmall amount of joint fluid on the left.Moderate neuroforaminal stenosis is present on the left with impression on the L4 nerve root.There is moderate right neuroforaminal stenosis.Asymmetric disc bulge mildly indents the anterior thecal sac.L5-S1:Early facet hypertrophic changes.Impression:1.Moderate to severe degenerative spondylosis predominantly involving L1-2,L2-3,L3-4 and L4-5.Modic 1 endplate changes L2-3 associated with small inferior endplate disc herniation L2.This may be symptomatic.2.Central canal narrowing is greatest at L2-3,wher it is mild to moderate.3.There is further asymmetric disc bulge with endplate hypertrophic spurring greater left posterolaterally which along the facet hypertrophy and widening contributes to impression on the L3 nerve root in the lateral recess and stenosis of the left neuroforamina.4.Multilevel neuroforaminal stenosis greatest bilaterally at L4-5 and on the left at L2-3 and L3-4.I also suffer from urination problems which I was treated by a urologist for but was not successful and suffer severe ED which no prescription pills help. I work construction and try to walk 2 to 4 miles a day. I am in some pain on a daily basis.I am not currently seeing a doctor.What is your opinion? Thanks, Don

Q: Dear sensei, I just started reading your book today and it makes alot ofsense to me. I've been suffering from back pain on and off for years and always kinda of felt it was not a totally physical problem. Now I am suffering through a debilitating episode once again and my ? to you is:you say give up all the treatment, at this point I don't feel like I can give up my pain relievers, the pain is just too bad to suffer through. What would you recommend? Natalia

Q: Can a herniated disc happen in more than one place? Tim

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