How to Treat a Herniated Disc

To be fair, I think my story matches with most on this forum and for me it comes down to the fear of the unknown and what else can you do to help yourself.

I am a 33 year old male living in the UK. My first memory of hurting my back was when i was 16, when I flew over the handlebars of my scooter in France. I was a very sporty young man and over the years I just got used to training and playing rugby with mild pain in my right leg.

When I was 27, I hurt myself while reversing my car after leaving training.  A very sharp pain followed by a constant ache. 3 months later, I was no better and an MRI scan revealed a slight prolapse to the right L4/5. After a year of stretching and managing my back, I was pain-free.

Then last year, after a golf game, I came home very sore.  The next day, I woke up and then promptly collapsed, as my back spasmed for the first time.  I had heard about back spasms before, but nothing prepared me for the pain. I spent 2 weeks on my back, dosed up on a combination of tramadol and diazepan.

It took 6 months for the pain to subside to the stage where I could begin to train, not to mention 6 months of twice weekly physiotherapy. Everything seemed to be going well again, until last December, when it went again. This time, I went privately for another MRI scan and it revealed the same prolapse, but larger. I think the exact words were large lateral prolapse L4/5, impinging on the lateral recess.

So, the neurosurgeon has recommended a lower lumber discectomy, but all I read here, and elsewhere, suggests that this could be fixed other ways.

I am still in alot of pain. I cannot stand for longer than 5 minutes and nothing seems to work. I have not been recommended anything else, so all I do now is stretch, try to be active as much is possible and fight through the pain. I am pretty confused, scared and unsure of my future. Where to go now? - Tristan

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