Leg Pain, But No Back Pain,
from Herniated Disc

I woke up one morning feeling like the muscle in my left thigh was extremely fatigued. By the time I went to the bathroom and walked back to the room, the sensation was gone.

This continued off and on for several months, but since the sensation went away with movement, I didn't worry about it until election day. I was standing in line waiting to vote and the pain in my thigh and hip was excruciating.

My doctor ordered an x-ray that showed nothing significant and referred me to an orthopedic doctor, who diagnosed me with bursitis and gave me an injection that did not work. He also referred me to physical therapy and that didn't work.

I was eventually given an MRI that resulted in a diagnosis of a herniated disc. Back to physical therapy, where the therapist kept telling me that he was giving me exercises to move the pain from the thigh to the back.

After receiving no relief, I was referred to a pain specialist and had to wait over a month for the appointment.

While waiting, I decided to see a chiropractor. I can't say that the treatments helped, but they didn't seem to really hurt either. In fact, I did notice a change in the pain. The pain in the outside of the thigh seemed to lessen, but now I was experiencing pain that felt like that of a pulled muscle.

When I finally saw the pain management doctor, I was told that my left leg was extremely weak and if it got any weaker I should go to the ER.

For what? I asked and never really received an answer.

I was given an appointment two weeks away to receive a steroid injection. So now, I'm sitting at home because of the pain suffered from walking and standing. Tramodol in large doses seems to take the edge off.

Now I'm having trouble sleeping through the pain. And guess what? My back still doesn't hurt. It's the thigh and leg area.

- Lynn

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