Misdiagnosed with Herniated Disk 

I was involved in an accident 1/23/08. Afterwards, I went to a chiropractor. I was referred for a MRI of the cervical and lumbar. The radiologist diagnosed impression was bulging and herniated disks C6-C7 & C7-T1. The lumbar was diagnosed herniated L4-L5.

I was then referred to an orthopedic surgeon, who informed me that the only alternative I had was an epidural steroid injection. I have endured two cervically.

Afterwards, my pain did not resolve, but got worse and also I developed terrible headaches.

I consulted with my primary care physician. She referred me to a neurologist for a 2nd opinion. Two new MRI's were performed of the brain and cervical, with and with out contrast.

The results from both were unremarkable for any herniated discs and I was told the injections were not necessary and physical therapy would have been better.

What a waste of time and worry, for nothing.

- Radley

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