No Pain, No Gain

No pain, no gain is a saying I've heard a thousand times, from my dad telling me to friends. This led me to want to apply this concept to life. However, to my surprise, it got me into some trouble.

I began weightlifting as a way to improve self esteem and feel better about myself. Working out in the gym one day, I noticed a sudden jolt in my low back. This turned into pain in my left buttocks and pain running down the outside of my left thigh into the outside of my left calf and finally leading to some tingling and weird feeling in my Achilles tendon (minor but quite annoying).

I've had this injury now for 14 months. I've literally been used as a cash cow by almost all my doctors, leaving me almost broke, I'm paying off $2000 dollars I spent on the chiropractor and sports medicine practice, when I don't even have insurance.

I've been diagnosed with an L5-S1 herniated disc pushing on a nerve root causing sciatica . I have the mri cd, just not the paper that literally says everything.

I have read some books about TMS, but somehow I don't think TMS is what I have. Some of what I read looks true, but I don't know.   Maybe I'm just skeptical.

My doctor recommends surgery now and I'm really at my wits end here.  I guess I'm just asking someone to help me, please.

I'm only 20 and this pain is severe and disabling.

- Rob

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