Pain After Lumbar Laminectomy

Hi.  I'm a 64 year old, very healthy woman, who had laminectomies on L3-4, and L4-5 in December 2012. I endured this surgery after 10 years of progressive back and leg pain that stopped responding to physical therapy and steroid injections.

After the surgery, I felt great; like I was 30 years old again. I was swimming three times a week and could walk forever. Then I noticed some tightness and pain in my left hip, which quickly advanced to the most excruciating pain and spasm in the side and front of my thigh.

I was in the ER 3 times in one week and shot full of narcotics, steroids and muscle relaxers, until they finally admitted me.  The MRI showed that I had a small herniated disc at L2-3 and I got a follow up appointment with my neurosurgeon for 3 weeks after discharge.

In the past 3 weeks, my pain has gotten a whole lot better with Vicodin 2-3 times a day.  I still have a numb area on the side and front of my thigh and pain in the hip and groin when I stand for awhile, like in lines or when making dinner.

 I finally have my appointment tomorrow and am sure I will be offered conservative treatment again.  I will gladly try it, as I would prefer to avoid surgery, although after the first 2 post-op days, the surgery was not that bad. So, good luck to all of you who are suffering from this type of pain.  It is no joke!

-  Carol

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