Pain in the A-S1-S1

I had a lower lumbar laminectomy (L-3, 4 and 5) back in '06 that went ok.  However, the 3 hour operation turned into 5 and doctor said after all was done that he did not have enough time to completely clean things up.

Recovery was quick, but not 100%. I have a lump the size of a large grape on right side S1 joint. Before and after the operation that would become painful if I walked too much or worked on a ladder. The location would be about where the dimples on a persons back would be.

Last week, during a flight, I scooted down in my seat and propped my knees on the bulkhead in front of me.  It felt good at the time, but soon after I developed severe pain in right side lower back with explosive pain in the S1 that shot down my leg if any pressure was applied.  I had to crawl around for a while, and if I did walk, it was extremely painful and I had to sit down after only a few steps.

1 week later, I had an MRI.  L2-3 "Annular bulge with new right subarticular extruded disc herniation with minimal caudal migration. The disc extrusion measures upwards of 8 mm AP by 7 mm transverse and results in deformity of the right ventral lateral thecal sac with lateral recess stenosis and mass effect on the descending right L3 nerve root."

Will keep you informed of what happens next.

- Jo

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