Pain in the Neck from a Herniated Disc

I am 47 years old and an athletic fitness instructor. 27 days ago, I kinked my neck. 3 times in emergency. Finally a CT scan showed disc herniation of my C5-6. They are confident I will make a good recovery.

I have been going to physiotherapy every other day and I am on some strong drugs. Each day is better. I can go for good long walks, carry a bag, walk the dog now. No biking for me yet, though. I am looking forward to that. I have taken my bike into the shop to get it pimped up with new high rise handle bars and a basket, so I don't have to carry a pack. I ride my bike everywhere.

Most of the time, I have a positive outlook towards my future. Sometimes, it's been a bit rough feeling like I'm not invincible anymore.

I am looking for advice and general talk about this. I have been on a learning binge for the last 27 days, that is for sure. Feel like an expert now, but feel there is knowledge missing for my future.

So, here I am, coming straight to the source with other people who have the same condition. Thank you

- Ida

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