Percutaneous Hydrotomy for Herniated Disc

I suffered an accident falling backwards in the snow which resulted in a herniated L5-S1 disc in 2008, when I was 64 years old.

After having gone thru chiropractic, acupuncture sessions and other treatments, plus taking all kinds of medicines, I was told by doctors that my only alternative was surgery. My pain was unbearable and I could not walk, stand or sleep for long.  I read much about this type of surgery and was not convinced that it was the ultimate solution to my problem, especially at my age.

My internet research took me to a French website dedicated to percutaneous hydrotomy treatment. There I learned the benefits, history and successes of this treatment, as well as the fact there seemed to be no serious side effects. I discovered that there was a medical center practicing this type of therapy in Mexico, where I live.

I decided to try this therapy and after a few sessions I felt much better and able to walk and sleep as I did before my accident. My hernia has contracted and cannot be detected in recent MRIs and I not taking any analgesics or anti-inflammatory medicines.

I would say that I am at least 90% recuperated. I finished treatment 3 years ago and have not needed any more medical attention.

I would appreciate any comments of any other persons who have gone thru this type treatment. Thanks and hope that you all have the same luck that I had.

- Pierre

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