Suffering from Herniated Disc

After many years of leg pain and pain in the buttocks, I experience the attack like several times a year and I've been improving my health within the last 3 years period by hitting gym regularly and maintaining a very good diet. My lifestyle is like an athlete, but I spend about 6 hours at the computer.

Up to now, my sciatic nerve pain is manageable by taking few anti inflammatories only for 3 days and I used to start gym immediately within 4 to 5 days after attack.

Year by year, my pain starts improving and the frequency of episodes are less, which I have noticed that after I start change my lifestyle with more gym work out and weight loss and better diet. All these times I did not know that I have a herniated disc.

So last 3 years I have been very good and due to my improvement, I started more rapid activity, and took a very fast sprint and suddenly that night I when I woke up and went to a shower, I was hit with the attack with terrible pain worse than previous years.

Unfortunately, in my country, we have very low end doctors and this doctor asked me to rest long and prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs without any good knowledge.

I stayed strict bed rest for 12 days and the pain improved by 60%, but sciatic pain and leg was numb, so I took a trip to Singapore and was diagnosed that I have a L5 disc bulge.

One doctor told me option 1 is an operation, option 2 is living in healthy lifestyle with proper therapy and exercise and the other doctor told me that I have to stop all rapid exercise and I can still go with non-impact activities.

My point is now it's the 3rd week and I still have pain in my leg and I'm writing to share my condition and would like to hear from anyone who is going through similar condition, to know what's the treatment.

Also, doctors advised me to remove the herniated part of the disc and I'm in a situation to decide whether the right thing is to remove it to get away from my pain or still keep going and see by what happens by changing my  lifestyle.

Thanks, Maan

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