Unrelenting Back Pain, Foot Pain and Numbness

I am 68 years old with a history of L4-5 disc surgery and fusion in  2001 (this was causing symptoms on the right side). After a complicated recovery, I did very well for years until 2016. Since June 2016, I have suffered with left lumbosacral pain and right foot numbness and pain.  

I've been to a medical spinal specialist multiple times, a neurosurgeon (who said this was not a surgical case), a pain management specialist, physical therapy, 2 podiatrists, and for the past 6 months, a chiropractor, all without any improvement.  

My MRI in September, 2016 showed broad based bulging disc at L5-S1, foraminal compromise and degenerative facet changes. The recommendation was for me to have an epidural injection, which I have not done because I fear it will not help.  

I have had multiple medical problems come up since January, 2017 like I have never had before. I was forced to retire earlier than I had planned last October and cannot do most things that I enjoy. I feel confined in my house except for physician appointments and a few errands. This has been devastating for me personally, emotionally and financially.  

I am about to try a program based on Dr. Sarno's work via Skype, but I can hardly afford it. I don't know whether to go back to the medical establishment once more and insist that they either demonstrate nerve compression or not since the foot numbness and now some leg weakness really concerns me. It is also possible that the extremely high stress and anxiety levels I live with day and night are contributing to my symptoms.  Appreciate any wisdom or suggestions.  Thanks, Mary

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