Walking Like an Old Lady

I herniated my lower disc last April 2008. I was unable to walk for three months without severe pain.  I am unable to take anti-inflammatories, as I have policystic kidneys and I was put on some really strong painkillers that made me hallucinate. I was taken of them and am now on Co- Dydromol 10mg and Amitriptyline 10mg two at night.

I still get the sciatic tingling in my leg and now both my buttock cheeks hurt most of the time. I get tingling and weakness in both legs. I go and lay down on my bed at night about 8 o'clock because I cannot sit any longer downstairs, as it is too painful.

I don't need my crutches so much, but always have them in my car, just in case because pain comes on without warning. I brought an automatic car, which has helped with nerve pain, but I still cannot drive too far, because when my back hurts, I feel like I want to just jump up, as if it is an electric shock.

I have had one epidural and had a spinal leak, one hell of a headache.  It did help a bit with pain, but now the doctor wants to operate.

What do I do? I'm petrified of having back surgery. Does anyone know if I will get better without having it done?

- Deborah

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