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Is a herniated disc is ruining your career?
Ruining your family time?
Ruining your life?

Back Pain Ebook

Thank you for showing an interest in my book. I wrote it in the hope that you will benefit from it, in much the same way the material therein guided me towards finding relief from my own terrible back pain.

I am not going to try to sell you the book.  I offer it for those who are ready to try something different: Treating chronic pain without drugs or surgery.

This book is not an exercise program or a way to manage and live with existing pain. It is a way of understanding the nature of pain and defeating the causative processes in the mind and body. These are the memoirs of a real patient who used this mindbody program to improve their quality of life after suffering from pain for decades.
That person is me.

Please excuse the simplicity of this offering.  I am not going to use lots of marketing language and make promises for a miracle cure.  The internet is already filled with these scams and we do not need another.

What I offer is a lifetime of personal and professional experiences, as well as the never-ending research efforts of a very determined author, patient advocate and back pain scholar. If you appreciate the time, effort and sincerity which goes into this website, then you will truly love this book.

It is crucial to understand that there is no upsell here and no recurring costs. You will not be placed on any marketing lists and you will not have to keep spending money.  Your financial support from the purchase of my book goes directly and exclusively to fund the huge financial costs of keeping all The Cure Back Pain Network websites online and free for everyone. Thank you.

Enjoy the book and read it in great health.
Best, Sensei Adam Rostocki

How much $$$ have you already spent on treating your herniated disc?

* doctor visits & co-payments
* diagnostic tests
* rising insurance premiums
* braces & orthotics
* medications
* lost time and wages from work
* not to mention the terrible pain you must endure

You can end it all now. No more expense. No more back pain.

Imagine, NO MORE PAIN for less than the cost of a prescription, doctor co-pay or chiropractic session!

What is a pain-free life worth to you?

Cure Back Pain Forever Recommendations

“This is one of the best alternative programs for curing back pain that I have ever seen in my 27 years practicing as an orthopedic surgeon. I have to admit that some of Sensei Rostocki’s commentary on the methods used to heal back pain was a sensitive subject for me to read about, but I can not deny the truth in many of his ideas. I have since integrated many of the concepts of this program into my own practice.”
...Dr. Ari Goldstein, Orthopedic Surgeon

“This program made me completely change the way I diagnose and subsequently treat back pain. The ideas in this book made me realize that my traditional training in chiropractic was simply not enough to properly treat many chronic back problems. I thank the author for this wonderful program, and recommend it to all medical professionals working to treat back pain.”
...Dr. W.R. Peck, Chiropractor

“I am thrilled to endorse this product since it was the ONLY thing that helped me to overcome my own back pain. I was shocked and delighted to finally understand why my back pain had resisted successful treatment for so long. I was a little embarrassed that I did not realize the true nature of my pain on my own. Thank you again, Sensei Rostocki.”
...Harold Eckstein, Ph.D. Psychologist

Are you Skeptical? I personally tried almost every type of herniated disc treatment and found less than gratifying results from all of them. Treatments are designed to manage your pain, not cure it.

I want to end your pain forever.

Find out why treatments will not end your pain. Discover why pain moves around and changes when treated. Learn what the medical community does not want you to know about herniated discs. Return to an active lifestyle and enjoy life instead of dreaming about it.

Regain the Physical Abilities That You Have Lost:

Anything & Everything You Want To Do!

* No Surgery * No Drugs * No Treatments * No Devices * No Kidding

You owe it to yourself and you owe it to your family. This program has helped tens of thousands of disc pain sufferers to be 100% free of pain.

Why wait any longer?
Why waste any more time suffering with a herniated disc?

The sooner you start the program, the sooner you can see results.
Act today and reverse the process causing your pain.

Take Your Life Back. Be Free From Pain.


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