Complementary Herniated Disc Treatments

Complementary Herniated Disc Treatments

Complementary herniated disc treatments offer alternative therapy possibilities for patients who choose to supplement their traditional medical care with a variety of less mainstream therapy methods. Complementary medical care has become a huge industry in the healthcare sector and it is not uncommon to see alternative care providers working hand in hand with traditionally trained physicians. This is usually called a combined care practice and can be advantageous to both patients and caregivers alike.

Alternative medicine might better fit with a patient’s ideology, offering a chance to avoid some of the more common and risky methods of traditional herniated disc treatment, including surgery or drug therapies. This essay profiles many of these effectual treatment options.

Types of Complementary Herniated Disc Treatments

Complementary care practices are so named because they can work well with traditional treatment, as well as substitute for it in some cases. Here are a few of the many possible alternative care modalities used to treat herniated disc sufferers:

Chiropractic for herniated discs is one of the most popular complementary approaches.

Massage for herniated discs is a symptomatic relief modality which is effective for relaxing tense soft tissues.

Acupuncture and acupressure may provide valuable pain relief to back pain sufferers with many diagnosed conditions.

Rolfing is another choice for hands-on therapy.

Alexander Technique is not usually overly effective for true disc pain, but may work well when the cause of pain has been misdiagnosed.

Ayurvedic herniated disc treatments are popular in India, as is exercise therapy using yoga.

Efficacy of Complementary Herniated Disc Treatments

Few, if any, complementary modalities can actually cure a true herniated disc pain syndrome, as this relies on altering the spinal anatomy, which is beyond the realm of most of these practices. However it is crucial to remember that the majority of disc pain is certainly misdiagnosed, which explains the effectiveness of many of these symptomatic treatment methods.

For pure pain relief, I certainly like any of these compared to the risky pharmaceutical treatment offered by herniated disc drugs. Of course, if a complementary care program can keep a patient functional and able to avoid spinal disc surgery, then it is also a huge blessing.

Suggestions for Complementary Herniated Disc Treatments

For many years, the alternative medical sector and the traditional medical sector could not get along, since physicians questioned the effectiveness of complementary practices and alternative therapists generally questioned the reason for the nonsensical care imposed upon patients by traditional medicine.

I agree that cutting, burning and drugging sounds more like torture than treatment, but these are all embraced by traditional physicians. However, I now welcome you to the modern back pain treatment industry where all manner of caregivers have learned that they can get more money from patients by working together than alone. There is no motivation like financial motivation to overcome philosophical differences!

Now, you can see often your doctor, massage therapist, chiropractor and any other type of alternative care provider all under one roof.  Meanwhile, these doctors are typically playing "pass the patient around and share the spoils".

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