Degenerative Disc Disease Pain

Degenerative Disc Disease Pain

Degenerative disc disease pain is a very controversial topic, since disc degeneration is a mostly harmless and asymptomatic process in the overwhelming majority of people. 98% of diagnosed patients will have no pain definitely linked to their degenerated discs, yet doctors continue to blame the condition regardless of abundant research which proves DDD to be a normal part of aging.

This article will delve into the reasons why disc desiccation is deemed to be painful, despite clinical evidence proving otherwise. Furthermore, alternate explanations for the true source of symptoms will be suggested.

Painful Degenerative Disc Disease?

Structural disc pain is possible, but is very rare. Most of these conditions are due to severe herniated discs or ruptured discs which have somehow actually compressed a neurological structure. Even in the worst of these cases, the pain typically only lasts 2 to 8 weeks on average. Pain due to degenerative disc disease alone is almost unheard of, yet is still diagnosed as the primary reason for many symptomatic back pain expressions. It is often a farce.

Degenerative disc disease is a perfect diagnostic scapegoat, since it is found almost universally in every adult on this planet.  It can look scary on a diagnostic imaging study, which is all the better to frighten patients into lasting and highly profitable disc disease treatment programs. Treating a person for normal DDD is like putting a patient into surgery due to gray hair or some wrinkles on their face. Sure, the physical changes exist, but they are purely coincidental to any pain experienced.

Mindbody Degenerative Disc Disease Pain

Some instances of chronic back pain are caused, worsened or perpetuated by psychosomatic reasons. This is well known and well documented. However, the medical professions mostly ignore the tangible reality of this fact and continue to treat patients like machines who require repair. The body is far more efficient at healing itself than doctors will ever be. If there is a structural reason for pain, the body addresses it immediately and resolves it in almost every case.

Unfortunately, the mind is not as efficient at resolving troublesome concerns. Some chronic pain is due to deeply held and sensitive emotional issues which cause conflicts in the subconscious mind. The subconscious does not want the conscious mind to experience the pain, embarrassment and fear of these issues, so it creates pain to occupy the conscious resources. The process used to enact these symptoms is called ischemia and is the number one health crisis in existence today. Ironically, psychosomatic pain is not unusual at all. In fact, it is just as universal as the incidence of disc degeneration.

Headaches to stomach discomfort, back pain to fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel to knee, hip or shoulder pain, these can all be ischemic pain syndromes generally misdiagnosed a stemming from a structural defect. It is a crime of epic proportions.

Degenerative Disc Disease Pain Assistance

The best way to overcome degenerative disc disease is to simply learn about it. De-mystify it. Understand it. There is nothing at all to fear, except misinformation and mythology. Take an active role in your healthcare and be proactive in your back pain treatment. Do not allow any care practitioner to convince you that your normal spine is deficient in any way.

The best method of overcoming the nocebo effect of the diagnosis is by using the alternative path offered by knowledge therapy. There is nothing to lose by trying this option, since it is risk and cost free. Best of all, it is extremely effective at resolving pain which has resisted a variety of medical treatments. It is the same approach I used to cure my pain after 18 long years of suffering and the same techniques used by millions all over the world to become pain-free.

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