Knowledge Therapy
for Herniated Discs

Knowledge Therapy for Herniated Discs

Knowledge therapy for herniated discs is one of the most effective forms of alternative treatment for a wide range of back and neck pain conditions. Unlike physical treatments which are often directed at a mistakenly identified structural cause, knowledge therapy targets the actual psychoemotional sources of the chronic painful symptoms. Remember, not all chronic back and neck pain concerns are caused by an injury or degenerative process, but instead are either created, worsened or perpetuated exclusively by mindbody interactions.

This editorial explains an alternate therapy choice for patients who have not found success using traditional medical treatments.

Knowledge Therapy for Herniated Discs Defined

Knowledge therapy is a method of educating patients about their actual causes of back or neck pain, in order to enact true and permanent cures

The therapy was first developed by Dr. John E. Sarno of the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine/NYU Medical Center in New York City. Dr. Sarno has referred to this modality as the "non-treatment treatment", since unlike other back and neck pain therapies, it does nothing at all to address the physical symptoms of pain. Instead, knowledge therapy goes to work on resolving the underlying emotional causation of the discomfort. Actually, knowledge therapy technically cures nothing at all. It does teach the patient how to cure their own sufferings, by differentiating physical pain from psychologically-induced symptoms. 

This treatment is not only widely used to end back and neck pain, but can also effectively treat an ever-growing of mindbody conditions affecting virtually every part of the human anatomy.

Does Knowledge Therapy for Herniated Discs Work?

Knowledge treatment works by helping the patient see through the veil of perceived physical chronic pain and look into the actual underlying psychological source. The patient is taught to "think psychological; not physical" as Dr. Sarno would say. The patient is educated as to the reasons why back pain occurs and the reasons why many perceived structural conditions, such as herniated discs, are rarely the actual cause of enduring pain. 

Knowledge therapy for herniated discs assists the patient in gaining an introspective approach to look inside themselves and uncover repressed sensitive emotional issues which have been causing painful symptoms for a very long time. 

Best of all, once the techniques of knowledge therapy are learned, they are extremely useful in promoting a state of positive mental, physical and spiritual health, for life. Many patients find that they become virtually immune to the usual aches and pains commonly experienced prior to learning this revolutionary therapeutic method.

Knowledge Therapy for Herniated Discs Stigma

Many patients have an incredibly difficult time wrapping their mind around the very idea that their seemingly very physical back or neck pain could be the result of a psychological process. However, knowledge therapy explains exactly how and why this occurs and also demonstrates the virtually universal nature of psychosomatic pain

From headaches to back pain, stomach problems to anxiety, psychological pain syndromes touch each of our lives. The only individual variables are really the duration, anatomical location and overall severity of the symptoms.

Patients who choose to write-off this proven and time-tested approach to back and neck pain often doom themselves to ongoing suffering for the rest of their lives. In these cases, patients have obviously been misdiagnosed, but continue to pursue traditional medical treatment, often ending up enduring unnecessary and inappropriate surgery with catastrophic results. 

These patients will never improve, since the underlying source of symptoms has never been correctly identified. These individuals account for a considerable percentage of people who are suffering from unresolved back and neck pain. They are also the ones who generally write to us every day looking for a solution, when all along the answer is readily available. All they have to do is try it.

Knowledge Therapy for Herniated Discs Risks

The best part of knowledge therapy is that there is absolutely no risk. There are no physical treatments, so it can not make your pain worse. It is free to try if you have access to a library, or low-cost, if you choose to buy your own books. A typical investment of knowledge therapy books is generally less than $20 to $30 dollars. Compare this cost to any medical or complementary treatment and you can obviously see the incredible value of the method. 

Add to this fact that the knowledge gained can be a true and permanent cure and you have no ongoing expenses to support. Now, I think it is clear why the medical herniated disc treatment business has not exactly embraced the simple and effective methods used in knowledge therapy. After all, it hits doctors in their economic bottom line.

Knowledge Therapy for Herniated Discs Results

The best part about knowledge therapy is that it demonstrates excellent curative results. Remember that knowledge therapy is not a symptomatic treatment. It will not immediately reduce pain, like a drug can, but, it might permanently end pain forever, once it has a chance to work. It is not an overnight process. Virtually all patients require considerable time to allow the material to permeate into their subconscious minds. However, most patients will feel better quickly and steadily improve over the course of several weeks. 

Personally, it took me a few weeks to feel 90% better physically and a couple of months to overcome the pervasive fear that the pain might return. After all, I had pain for 18 years straight, so beating the psychological aspects of the condition proved very formidable indeed. 

In addition, my stomach concerns, knee pain, wrist pain have all left, as well, using the same treatment philosophy. Dr. Sarno’s statistics show that most patients can use this treatment to beat their pain and stay symptom-free for the long run. These are incredible results, considering the majority of other available medical treatments demonstrate abysmal curative results and many do not even help reduce the incidence of pain at all.

Knowledge Therapy for Herniated Discs Opinions

My advice when it comes to trying knowledge as a treatment is simply:
"Why not? What do you have to lose?"

The therapy might be very different from what you have previously used to treat your back or neck pain, but that is the whole idea. What you have tried before did not work. There is a reason for that. It is time to try something different. There is no risk. Your pain can not get worse, it can only get better. 

In my view, it is all upside and no downside. What are you waiting for?  This could be the answer to all your prayers of becoming pain-free. I can’t begin to tell you how much better life is, without the constant burden of chronic pain and the associated fear, worry and anxiety that goes along with it.

I address the use of knowledge therapy from a unique and previously uncovered perspective in our Cure Back Pain Forever Program. This effective collection of books can put anyone on the right track to a pain-free life in a short timeline.

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