Practicing Tai Chi for Herniated Discs

Tai Chi for Herniated Discs

Tai chi for herniated discs is an alternative exercise therapy option which can provide temporary symptomatic relief from a variety of back and neck pain concerns. Tai chi is a beautiful martial art and an excellent form of active dynamic meditation.

Modern therapeutic applications of tai chi are used by fitness trainers and physical therapists to help patients rehabilitate injuries, regain functionality and improve general health. Many herniated disc patients use tai chi as a primary form of exercise, since it is gentle and predictable in its movements.

This essay will explore the use of tai chi chuan as a treatment for a variety of painful disc conditions. We will detail the benefits of tai chi study, as well as the therapeutic limitations.

Tai Chi for Herniated Discs Training

Tai chi training ranges from very gentle to incredibly strenuous, depending on the style of the system and the preferences of the instructor. Most modern tai chi is very slow and gentle, with the primary focus being devoted to perfect form and internal energy development. Tai chi discipline will build a strong and flexible body and a focused, calm mind. Training with a herniated disc might be a challenge, but many patients find considerable relief from practicing this internal martial art style.

Tai chi training does not have to be hard on the body, especially at beginner levels, and really has no inherent impact. The movements are purposeful, graceful and powerful in the own right, yet do not have to be taxing on the joints or spine.

Tai Chi for Herniated Discs Therapy

Structural disc concerns are unlikely to be resolved by tai chi training or any other form of herniated disc exercise therapy. The fact that many symptomatic profiles do respond well proves the common misdiagnosis of herniated discs as the actual source of symptoms in many back pain sufferers.

In some instances, ischemia is a possible underlying causation and exercise will certainly provide short-term, but significant alleviation of oxygen deprivation pain. In other cases, there may be some different and yet undiscovered structural concern actually sourcing the present symptoms, while the disc pathology is coincidental.

Patients who receive a sizeable degree of temporary relief from tai chi for herniated discs, or any form of exercise, may be suffering from oxygen deprivation as the real cause of their agony. In these cases, a herniated disc might exist, but is not related to the painful symptoms. Remember, most minor and moderate disc conditions are considered inherently asymptomatic unless proven otherwise.

Exercise therapy is a nice holistic form of pain relief, but will typically not resolve the underlying sources of the symptoms when they are truly anatomically-motivated.

Tai Chi for Herniated Discs Opinions

As a certified instructor of Yang Style Tai Qi Quan, I can recommend this superb form of martial art to almost anyone of any age or fitness level. Tai chi can be practiced at every stage of life and will certainly help to unify the mind, body and spirit.

Tai chi will not provide a miracle cure for any ailment, although constant practice will create a state of increased physical health and vitality. Tai chi is definitely a martial art which can become a full time job for those truly interested in gaining top level proficiency.

As a herniated disc patient, I always found my pain to be better after a good workout and I still do. However, the symptoms would return as my body cooled and would always come back with a vengeance later on. The reasons why exercise helped my back never made much sense to me and my doctors did not provide any logical answer as to why they recommended activity as a herniated disc treatment option.

Well, eventually I discovered that much of my pain, like many chronic sufferers, was the direct result of regional ischemia. Then the temporary relief provided by exercise made far more sense. After all, exercise increases blood flow to painful areas, increasing cellular oxygen content and warding off the effects of ischemia. Once I understood the link between the mindbody process and my pain, I was able to cure all my symptoms quickly and easily using proven knowledge therapy techniques.

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