Weight Loss for a Herniated Disc

Weight Loss for a Herniated Disc

Weight loss for a herniated disc is one of many recommended conservative care methods of dealing with chronic disc pain. Although it has been established that many herniated discs are completely asymptomatic, despite the antiquated and scientifically-refuted diagnostic theories which speculate as to the opposite, I still go along wholeheartedly with the advice to lose weight, regardless of whether a given patient has neck or back pain.

After all, obesity is the single greatest risk fact a person can inflict on their own health and is the number one direct cause of death in the world. There is no doubt that being markedly overweight is a dire health hazard, as well as a detrimental financial burden on society as a whole.

This article will detail the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight throughout life and the specific uses of weight loss for treating back, neck and sciatica symptoms.

Weight Loss for a Herniated Disc Benefits

Whether or not the disc is the actual underlying source of pain, or not, is not the focus of this article. Instead, we will take for granted that it may be the source of pain or that some other purely structural spinal issue is indeed responsible for the symptomatic expression. Regardless, being overweight is dangerous, since more mass equals more force applied to sensitized neurological tissues, no matter what the suspected, diagnosed or actual source of symptoms.

I am always amazed that many overweight and obese people will seriously consider their doctor's advice to lose weight for back pain relief, but will scoff at the recommendation of losing weight under threat of possible imminent death. This speaks volumes as to the true misery of ongoing dorsalgia.

Weight Loss for a Herniated Disc Rewards

Let’s forget back and neck pain for a moment (that would be nice to be able to do, right?) Instead let’s focus on your general health:

Obesity is the greatest risk to your very life. Obesity will reduce the quality and quantity of your life.

Obesity is a primary contributing factor for diabetes, hypertension, heart attack and stroke. Obesity kills more people than any disease.

Obesity is an epidemic condition and shows no sign of stopping or even slowing. The world is getting fatter and fatter, even as medical science sees the obvious risks of this girth expansion.

It is an illogical mess to be sure and is also one of the main factors destroying our healthcare and insurance systems, at a cost of countless billions of dollars each year.

Weight Loss for a Herniated Disc Verdict

As a long time fitness professional, martial artist and personal trainer, I try my very best to inform people nicely about the dangers of being overweight. Some people you just can’t reach easily.

However, once pain is involved, I often get a second chance to convince obese people that their massive size is truly a big issue for their health and happiness. Back pain is a great motivator. So, regardless of the actual source of pain, let it be known that I actually recommend this particular physical treatment, regardless of the diagnosed cause.

Weight loss can’t hurt and might save your life. This is reason enough for me to get behind this prescription 100%.

For more information on how you can become healthier and get in better shape, consider speaking to your doctor and possibly hiring a fitness trainer for some help.

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