The Value of Herniated Disc Books

Herniated Disc Books

There are several different types of herniated disc books detailing a variety of treatment methods for disc pain syndromes. Most books are centered around physical therapy and extol the virtues of using a particular form of activity or specific herniated disc exercises to enact pain relief. The other books are mostly knowledge therapy manuals, such as those that are recommended for treating the various forms of mindbody disc pain.

This essay will provide details on the range of books which may be helpful in overcoming back or neck pain. Learning more about your diagnosed condition is always a huge asset when it comes to finding effective treatment. To this end, quality books are always a valuable addition to any combined care program.

Exercise Therapy Herniated Disc Books

Herniated disc exercise is a topic which never seems to grow old and so many of you write to me asking for my personal recommendations on the perfect form of exercise for herniated disc relief. As you might know, I am an outspoken advocate of physical fitness activity, but do not recommend any form of exercise specifically as a herniated disc treatment for most types of painful complaints. The reason for this is simple.

Structural disc pain is likely to escalate with vigorous activity, since the body feels pain upon movement in the affected intervertebral level. Patients who do enjoy relief from exercise are virtually never actually suffering from pain due to their bulging disc.  Sure, the herniation may be there, but it is not likely to be the source of pain. The mere fact that exercise provides relief is often very telling evidence of an ischemic condition as the real culprit for symptoms.

Exercise increases circulation and wards off ischemia, making this a more logical explanation for its efficacy.

Knowledge Therapy Herniated Disc Books

Knowledge therapy books are not generally focused on herniated disc conditions, but often address them specifically, since they are common diagnosed causes of back, neck and sciatica pain. Most sources of knowledge therapy tend to discourage the reader from acknowledging the physical symptoms at all. Instead, the sufferer is advised to learn the incredibly common and mostly asymptomatic nature of herniated discs and is told to work past the nocebo effect which may be at least partially responsible for the symptomatic expression.

When originally popularized, knowledge therapy had many critics, especially in the medical community, since these care providers still embraced the purely structural Cartesian model of back pain. However, as the years have passed, more and more doctors recognize the value of this proven treatment, since the research on herniated discs clearly shows very little correlation between the occurrence of spinal abnormalities and the incidence of neck or back pain.

Herniated Disc Books Conclusion

Many people write to me and ask questions about knowledge therapy. They tend to wonder how reading a book will heal their spines and resolve their pain. They do not seem to understand that there is no need to heal anything, since the disc may not be the actual source of pain. It is merely there; coincidental and innocent.

This does not apply to every case, but it does describe many chronic disc pain occurrences. If you are truly interested in knowledge therapy, I advise you to try it out for yourself. There is no cost and you have nothing to lose, except your pain.  Our proven pain relief program uses knowledge therapy combined with other techniques to prevent, manage and cure pain from a wide range of diagnosed conditions.

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