Herniated Disc Massage Chairs

Herniated Disc Massage Chairs

Herniated disc massage chairs are a form of therapeutic treatment which can be used every day, in the privacy and convenience of a patient’s own home. Quality massage chairs are not toys and some are costly investments. However, for patients who really benefit from a good massage, they are one option for finding effectual relief without having to pay the ongoing cost of professional massage therapy services. Just remember that although a massage can be a relaxing, invigorating or spiritual experience, it is not a cure for actual disc pain, since it will do nothing at all to resolve a bulging or ruptured disc.

This article will provide a guide to investigating, and possibly purchasing, a massage chair as part of a herniated disc home treatment program.

Types of Herniated Disc Massage Chairs

There are many quality levels of massage chairs, starting from simple seat cushions, which perform a rudimentary rubdown, and going up to high-end fully automated luxury seating options complete with state of the art robotics, heat and even entertainment options.

Low cost massage cushions and chairs are unlikely to do a good job and may even feel more like being poked and prodded, rather than massaged.

Moderately priced chairs will feature less fit and finish, but will provide good service, as the robotics will be far more advanced.

The best chairs will be leather bound and offer a range of services, coming as close as possible to providing a real human massage experience.

If you are serious about acquiring a good massage chair, then bypass the cheapest products and concentrate your research on repeatable brand names and middle to upper end seating options. Sure, these choices will cost more upfront, but will provide a better user experience and serviceable life compared to inferior products which may seem like a bargain, based on cost alone.

Herniated Disc Massage Chairs Guide

Massage of any type will not cure a herniated disc. The interior disc structure will not change regardless of how hard, soft or often a patient is rubbed. Real structural pain due to a herniation is unlikely to benefit from massage therapy. However, statistics do show that most patients so enjoy some relief from regular massage. This may be due to related muscular pain which is being generated by the herniated disc or may occur due to a misdiagnosis of the actual source of symptoms.

Remember also that massage relaxes mind and body, possibly breaking the cycle of stress and the psychological overlay of pain which can heighten the symptomatic expression in any patient.

I am sure you know by now that that some herniated discs are misdiagnosed and that the poor maligned disc has nothing at all to do with the symptoms experienced. In some of these scenarios, the pain is actually due to regional ischemia, and in these cases, massage will indeed provide logical relief.

After all, massage does increase localized blood flow, therefore increasing oxygenation to the area and staving off the effects of oxygen deprivation. In these circumstances a massage chair is a great way to enjoy regular, but temporary relief.

Considerations on Herniated Disc Massage Chairs

Buying a massage chair can be quite a risky proposition. Not only is it costly financially, but it is also another emotional investment in the hope of finding a real cure. Massage chairs are great, but they will not likely cure your pain, unless by placebo or some sort of miraculous intervention.

The best use of massage chairs may not be curative unto themselves, but instead, as part of a combined care approach to back or neck pain. Time spent relaxed and enjoying a massage will help anyone to feel better, no matter what ails them. Just do not place too much faith in a cure here, as you are likely to be utterly disappointed in the results.

Feel free to share your own personal experiences using massage chairs on our interactive herniated disc forum. We would love to hear what worked well for you, as well as what fell short of your expectations.

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