Assorted Herniated Disc Products

Herniated Disc Products

There are a vast number of herniated disc products available on the market today. Back pain has become a huge business and many companies have entered the spine care field to capitalize on the desperation of suffering patients. Where there is physical pain, there is certainly money to be made.

This resource section will provide detailed article discussions profiling many of the most common disc pain products which can be purchased for professional or home use. We will describe how each product works, as well as provide factual accounts of the effectiveness and limitations of each product choice.

Types of Herniated Disc Products

There are so many different types of products available for a disc pain patient. Some might be useful, while others border on the ridiculous. It is wise to consider any purchase carefully, to ensure that you will not simply be wasting your hard earned money on some ineffective remedy, product or device. The following are the most common products marketed for herniated disc relief:

TENS units are available to treat pain at home, using the power of electrotherapy.

Back braces come in a wide range of styles and levels of effectiveness, but will never help stabilize a disc herniation, unless they can completely stop all intervertebral movement at the affected level.

Inversion tables can enact primitive spinal decompression at home. Inversion boots and rack systems are also available.

Books, CDs and DVDs might contain valuable insights to help patients to better understand and treat disc pathologies.

Orthotic shoes or inserts are marketed to improve posture and cushion spinal shock.

Herniated disc chairs include ergonomic styles and kneeling chairs. Many patients who must sit find these to be very helpful in minimizing pain at work.

Kneeling chairs for herniated discs provide an alternative to traditional seated posture, that may help decrease lower back pain.

Back pain bras might help to relieve pressure on the spine due to heavy breasts.

Massage chairs and cushions can provide home-based therapy, which can substitute for professional bodywork.

Magnets for herniated discs are a new age therapy option which remain highly controversial.

Topical creams, ointments, gels and salves might help control pain locally, but will provide no lasting benefits for neurological disc symptoms.

OTC pain relievers are the most common back pain products, but still have some risks when used regularly or in quantity. Be sure to research all your herniated disc medications to avoid health problems and dependency concerns.

Herniated disc mattresses, such as Tempurpedic, might improve nighttime symptoms. Some patients find specific mattress types to help them find comfort when reclining.

Herniated disc pillows might help induce a better sleep, especially for patients with cervical disc issues.

Nutritional supplements, such as glucosamine and chondroitin, are all-natural parts of a healthy diet and may provide spinal benefits.

Herbal herniated disc treatments can provide organic pain relief and may help prevent some types of symptoms from ever occurring.

Vitamins and minerals might help ward off some types of dorsalgia.

We offer our own professional pain relief program that has earned the respect of care providers around the world and the gratitude of patients who have enjoyed marked reduction in symptoms from its use.

Effectiveness of Herniated Disc Products

Many of the above products offer general wellness benefits and are crucial for maintaining good health. However, few, if any, offer specific benefits for a herniated disc. I wasted so much money over the years buying products which were recommended by care practitioners who simply wanted to enjoy some additional profit from my dependency on their treatments. Of course, it is even worse when the care provider marks up the product way above the actual value.

Looking back, this opportunistic approach to healthcare is one of the things that sickens me most when I remember the lowest points of my own back pain ordeal. I actually spent over $160 on a stupid pillow from one chiropractor who swore by it and then found the same exact product at a store for $20. This is exactly the type of behavior which gives the entire back pain industry a profit-driven reputation and casts a shadow of greed and selfishness over the medical community as a whole.

Advice on Herniated Disc Products

99.9% of these products are designed to help you cope with herniated disc pain, rather than provide a cure. They are symptomatic treatment, at best, and a complete waste of time and money, at worst. While some herniated disc products might offer temporary symptom relief, it is unlikely that any will resolve the underlying reason for your suffering.

The one exception to this rule is knowledge therapy tools. These books will teach you have to uncover the actual reasons for some types of mindbody symptoms and will definitely give you the step by step guidance you need to permanently end these defiant pain syndromes. The best part is that paperbacks or e-books are very low cost and many can be found for free at your local library.

As far as the other herniated disc products, let the buyer beware. Many are overpriced and offer little, if any, benefit for a herniated disc condition. Do not waste time and money with any symptomatic treatment product or device, when you should be searching for a real cure. Always be sure to ask your doctor about the possible benefits and risks of a product before purchase.

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