Efficacy of Herniated Disc Herbs

Herniated Disc Herbs

Many patients seek to utilize the healing efficacy of herniated disc herbs, as part of a homeopathic disc pain therapy program, especially once they have grown tired of ineffective and costly medical treatment. While herbs have been used for pain management for thousands of years and are still widely used today, there is no proof that any herbal ingredient will do anything at all to resolve a problematic disc condition.

However, when used as symptomatic treatment, herbs can be mildly to moderately effective and are especially useful for patients who desire to avoid the risky and damaging side effects of herniated disc drugs.

This commentary will discuss herbs which may be used to enact various benefits in dorsalgia sufferers, including pain relief and relaxation.

Downside of Herniated Disc Herbs

Let’s start with the bad points of herbal herniated disc treatment. First, and most obviously, is the fact that no herbal ingredient will heal a herniation. Many herbalists and Doctors of TCM cite the anti-inflammatory properties of their recommended herbs, but herniations are not traditional inflammatory processes. Therefore this is not a positive factor.

Next, herbs qualify as symptomatic treatment, regardless of whether they are used topically or ingested. No cure is enacted, but some temporary benefit may be imparted. A true cure is always preferred.

Last, but certainly not least, is the high incidence of scams in the herbal medicine sector with a huge percentage of commercially available products being nothing more than incredibly overpriced garbage. I generally caution patients to save their money, since so many products are a waste and may even be dangerous to your health. I do not give any of these "miracle natural cures" the benefit of the doubt, and in fact, am suspicious of all of them, unless proven otherwise.

Benefits of Herniated Disc Herbs

Herbal treatments are widely used for treating the full range of possible neck and back pain diagnoses. Some herbal ingredients can be mildly to moderately effective for helping reduce pain, swelling and spasms. This is a fact. However, when herbs work well for a herniated disc, this simply reinforces the likely misdiagnosis of the disc issue as the underlying source of pain.

Herbs are natural and usually far healthier than prescription drugs for pain. Just remember that some herbs can be harmful in large doses and all may have known and unknown interactions with other herbs, or more likely, pharmaceutical drugs. Be careful ingesting herbs when you are also taking medications. Always consult with your doctor prior to combining any herbal and pharmaceutical products.

Advice on Herniated Disc Herbs

I love the theory of all natural herniated disc treatments and really respect the few care providers who really embrace these modalities for pain. However, reality has taught me that 95% of commercial products are marketed by soulless companies which do not care about you or your pain. The ingredients they use are either worthless, or virtually worthless, and the motivation behind the product is simply to steal as much of your money as possible before being shut down. For the few good products which are tainted by this shadow of shame, I am sorry. I just have to tell it like it is.

You have a far better chance of getting fresh and possibly valuable herbals and botanicals if you consult with a qualified herbalist or Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, compared to purchasing any packaged "miracle relief product". However, even some of these direct herbal providers are little more than confidence artists preying on people who trust in the alternative, often at great expense. Be wary, but hopeful.

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