Natural Herniated Disc Treatment

Natural Herniated Disc Treatment

Natural herniated disc treatment is the preferred path for many diagnosed patients who desire to avoid the side effects of drug therapy and the risks of modern herniated disc surgery. There is a wide range of organic therapy options, but not all are indicated or effective for every disc condition. It is best to learn all about any treatment modality before taking part in it and it is also advised to consult with your doctor to make sure the therapy will not potentially do more harm than good.

This dialog will explain some of the all-natural herniated disc therapies which can be used as alternatives to traditional care.

Natural Herniated Disc Treatment Choices

There are many treatments which can be described as all-natural, although not every therapy will appeal to every patient:

Chiropractic is a back pain mainstay but is almost always symptomatic treatment.

Spinal decompression is a modern alternative, but is still considered a means to natural healing.

A herniated disc diet is proclaimed as ideal by many natural healing arts.

Herniated disc exercises and stretches may be important components of a curative program. Yoga, swimming and tai chi are popular choices for exercise treatment.

Massage therapy is a common symptomatic pain relief modality.

Alexander therapy seeks to resolve painful complaints through mostly postural correction.

Bed rest is a favorite method of dealing with pain, but is often counterproductive, since it retards the healing response.

Heat and ice are easy to use home remedies for herniated discs.

Inversion is an age-old version of decompression used for a variety of painful symptomatic expressions.

Natural Herniated Disc Treatment Cautions

Just because a therapy is completely natural does not mean that it is effective, safe or indicated for your particular type of pain. Some dietary therapies can interact with drugs, causing harmful side effects. Herb use can also have unpredictable effects for many patients. It is always a good idea to consider your goals when planning a natural therapy plan, since some treatments are designed merely to relieve pain and will not actually cure anything.

As I always say, it is far better to enact a lasting and permanent cure than it is to become a slave to symptomatic therapy, regardless of whether it is all-natural or pharmaceutical.

Natural Herniated Disc Treatment Guidance

Organic treatment is good in most cases and usually does demonstrate far less risks than herniated disc drugs or surgery. However, natural methods are not known for curing too many diagnosed patients of their painful disc complaints.

One all-natural approach that I personally have used is knowledge therapy. This is truly holistic medicine, since it encompasses the mind, body and spirit equally in its treatment approach. This is refreshing in an otherwise Cartesian medical sector. I like the idea of knowledge therapy because it is simple to use, completely risk-free and is also free of any financial cost. There is nothing to lose and many potential benefits to gain.

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