Home Remedy for Herniated Discs

Home Remedy for Herniated Discs

A home remedy for herniated discs is often sought by patients with limited health insurance coverage or people who have a general distrust of medical care, usually due to traumatic past experiences. Effective home treatment of disc prolapse conditions is certainly not easy to find, but for patients who investigate their choices carefully, there may be some hope for enjoying real relief.

This article will explore some common methods of treating herniated and degenerated discs at home, using budget-friendly care practices which are patient-controlled. We will look at the advantages of home-based care, as well as the many possible limitations of home remedies.

Symptomatic Home Remedy for Bulging Discs

Most home care practices involve symptomatic modalities which may help reduce the pain and related neurological symptoms caused by a herniated or degenerated disc, but will do nothing at all to resolve the actual causative condition. This is no surprise, since most home-based modalities are used to increase comfort and functionality, not provide a cure. The most common symptomatic herniated disc treatments include:

Inversion is a crude form of at-home spinal decompression which may provide pain relief, but also has some considerable inherent risk factors to consider.

Ice or heat can reduce regional pain and increase cellular oxygenation. There are few risks or costs, making this a popular modality worldwide.

Drugs can reduce pain, but feature substantial health hazards and may be habit forming.

Exercise increases cellular oxygenation and might help preserve physical functionality.

Bed rest is generally a poor choice for chronic pain, although still a commonly prescribed recommendation by doctors.

TENS is a very popular, yet controversial treatment. There are almost no risk factors and some patients report excellent results.

Herniated disc herbs may be useful in providing pain management and overall relaxation for some patients.

Yoga increases cellular oxygenation and provides rare mindbody benefits, as well.

Curative Home Remedy for Herniated Discs

While the above modalities might make a disc condition more livable, they will not likely enact a cure. On the other hand, there is a highly effective home-based option which involves no physical treatments whatsoever. Best of all, this method will go to work to resolve the actual condition that may be causing many instances of chronic back pain which has been mistakenly linked to a disc abnormality.

Knowledge therapy is a recommended choice of treatment for virtually all nonstructurally-enacted back, neck and sciatica pain syndromes, but is especially well suited for patients with herniated discs and/or degenerative disc disease which are not verified in causing nerve interaction.

This treatment is completely free using library sources and very inexpensive if you like to buy your own books. Knowledge therapy is the exact treatment that I was thrilled to find after suffering for decades with pain which was incorrectly blamed on scoliosis, 2 lumbar herniated discs (L4/L5 & L5/S1) and degenerative disc disease in the lower spine.

Our knowledge therapy books comprise an important part of our proprietary pain relief program. You can find more information about why this is the best treatment available on our Cure Back Pain Forever Program page.

Home Remedy for Herniated Discs Verdict

I think the point of this article is clear. You can go on trying to treat the symptoms of your pain or you can try to end the pain for good. I am sure the latter option sounds much better, right? Yeah, I thought so.

It is sad that few home treatment options offer this hope for a lasting cure. You either have to try professional medical care or consider the less traveled path to alternative treatment. In the latter case, you might want to give knowledge therapy a try. You literally have nothing at all to lose and a whole new pain-free life to possibly gain.

Disc pain is one of the most commonly misunderstood and misdiagnosed health concerns in the world. You might not have to suffer any longer. Learn the facts about herniated discs today and get on the right path to health, regardless of whether you choose professional care or a home remedy for herniated discs.

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