Practicing Yoga for Herniated Discs

Yoga for Herniated Discs

Yoga for herniated discs is a specific type of exercise therapy used by many suffering patients to treat back, neck or sciatica complaints. Yoga is an ancient and beautiful Indian practice which integrates physical techniques, mental focus and internal energy to develop the mind, body and spirit. It can be relaxing or rigorous, depending on the nature of practice and the personality of the practitioner.

This discussion will center on using yoga as a dedicated treatment for intervertebral disc pathologies. We will delve into the potential benefits of yoga practice, as well as look at any negative implications of the therapy option.

Theory of Using Yoga for Herniated Discs

Yoga is designed to develop a greater understanding of the mind and body. Experienced practitioners better comprehend many of the internal anatomical processes which are unknown to the general population. Yoga practice also produces introspection, both physically and spiritually.

Yoga is often recommended to treat back or neck pain, since the art helps increase circulation, flexibility and range of motion, as well as provides a sense of inner calm and harmony to a suffering body and soul. Unfortunately, yoga will not repair the structural damage of a herniated disc. However, it will produce temporary pain relief in many individuals and especially in those patients who are actually suffering from ischemic pain which has been mistakenly blamed on a disc condition.

Practicing Yoga for Herniated Discs

Yoga is an enriching activity and is highly recommended as part of a health maintenance program for people of all ages. Yoga is not able to correct herniated discs, but can be a valuable part of a conservative combined care program.

Patients who experience considerable, but temporary, relief from yoga, or any vigorous exercise, should definitely consider that their pain might not actually be caused by a disc condition at all. Far more common and logical is the explanation of oxygen deprivation being the cause of pain. Remember, ischemia is easily soothed by simply increasing cellular oxygenation using any strenuous form of activity.

Yoga may not be the ideal way to care for herniated discs specifically, but it is a great addition to any lifestyle after the disc condition has been resolved through appropriate treatment.

Advice on Yoga for Herniated Discs

Yoga practitioners are very healthy, both due to their physical aptitude in the art, as well as their openness to the idea of mindbody integration. It is for this reason that I almost always recommend knowledge therapy as part of a back pain relief program to yoga practitioners. People who enjoy this deep and meaningful art can instantly grasp the mind/body/spirit aspects of knowledge therapy and use these lessons to create a far more vibrant state of health. Actually, knowledge therapy is a terrific part of a complete preventative health plan as well, and benefits all people with or without chronic pain.

The bottom line certainly comes down to this: Use an indicated physical or psychological therapy to resolve the source of your disc pain, then use yoga to enrich your life and prolong your physical and mental faculties until a ripe old age. Just do not count on yoga alone to resolve actual nerve impingement or spinal stenosis which may be enacted by a disc prolapse.

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