Magnets for Herniated Discs

Magnets for Herniated Discs

Magnets for herniated discs are one of the new age treatments attempted by many back and neck pain sufferers after they lose faith in traditional medical practices. While magnets might not seem like a logical therapy modality for disc pain, I can completely understand why so many suffering souls try them. After all, with the abysmal results offered by traditional medicine, people need to have some hope for finding relief.

Magnets? Why not? Better than becoming a drug addict from hazardous pain management pills or or being disabled from barbaric surgery, right? Well, maybe.

This article comments on magnets which are used specifically for treating herniated intervertebral discs. We will examine how magnetic therapy is supposed to work and the actual benefits which may be imparted to suffering patients.

Types of Magnets for Herniated Discs

There is a wide range of different magnets used to treat sciatica and back pain. The most common are magnetic jewelry items, such as bracelets, rings and necklaces. There are also magnetic belts, shoe insoles, vests and wrist bands.

Some patients prefer to use large scientific magnets directly on the painful location, while others swear by the healing powers of magnetized water, produced by, yes, you guessed it, magnetic cups.

There are also professional-grade medical magnets which are only available for use under care of a doctor or authorized therapist. There are so many magnetic choices with prices ranging from minuscule to budget busting.

Magnets for Herniated Discs Applications

Magnets supposedly benefit patients by attracting the charged particles and small bits of metal in the blood. This will theoretically increase circulation and speed the healing response to a given area. How this would work, even in theory, without the magnet being near the source of pain is beyond me. Remember that the damaged intervertebral disc is deep inside the spinal anatomy. Additionally, there is no proof that attracting blood to a herniation will do much of anything to heal it, since the disc itself has no blood vessels within it.

Research has not shown any definitive proof that magnets are good for you in any way. They are not proven to enact pain relief and curative results are on par with any placebo treatment. However, long-term exposure to powerful magnetic fields has been definitively shown to produce negative health reactions and even death.

Magnets for Herniated Discs Guidance

Magnetic therapy is an alternative choice for patients who are truly desperate. I am not one to say it is useless, since by power of placebo alone; it may enact a few cures. Why not try it out? I would certainly recommend it over most unenlightened traditional medical treatments, although I would feel a bit silly doing so.

The bottom line is this: Magnets are not likely to cure anything, but then again, neither are many of the accepted herniated disc treatments. Besides, if you had found relief from your doctor, chiropractor or physical therapist, then you would not be reading this right now or actually considering using a magnet to help relieve your back or neck pain.

Just do yourself a favor and do not invest too heavily in any magnetic product or service, until you are quite sure that it will work for you. I hate to see anyone waste their hard-earned money.

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