Smoking and Herniated Discs

Smoking and Herniated Discs

Although seemingly completely different topics, smoking and herniated discs are actually related health consequences due to the degenerative effects of the noxious chemicals in cigarettes. Smoking is a known contributor to many spinal concerns and regular smokers are three times more likely to suffer chronic back pain than people who do not smoke at all. Of course, smoking has far worse effects than just creating back pain. In fact, it is a real killer, proven beyond doubt in medical science.

This article will investigate the intimate relationship between herniated spinal discs and smoking. We will also explore how other spinal degenerative processes are escalated from regular tobacco use.

Herniated Discs and Smoking Relationship

Smoking contributes to both osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease. These conditions are instrumental in creating herniations of the intervertebral discs due to spinal aging. In general, smoking deteriorates the spine faster and more dramatically than age alone.

Smoking is a prime causation of recurrent coughing, which can create increased pressure in the lumbar spine and also increase the likelihood of herniations.

Smoking is detrimental to the general health and can cause far worse conditions than bulging discs. It can also cause high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack and various forms of cancer. Smoking can also cause these same health crises in people who live and work around the smoker, making the smoker a disgusting public nuisance and barely better than a criminal.

Smoking is known to contribute to birth defects and even second hand smoke is extremely dangerous to pregnant women and their developing offspring.

Herniated Discs from Smoking via Ischemia

Besides increasing the likelihood of anatomical disc herniations, smoking can also directly worsen back pain due to ischemia. Oxygen deprivation back pain is the more common forms of chronic symptomology and is often enacted by the subconscious mindbody process, creating a psychosomatic pain syndrome. However, physical factors can make this condition far worse and smoking is among the most affective habitual contributor.

Smoking contains carbon monoxide, which is a poison and also reduces cellular oxygenation. Long-term smoking can make it far more difficult for your blood to carry the oxygen your cells need and may exacerbate or even commence ischemia back or neck pain conditions.

Smoking and Herniated Discs Summation

There is not a single mentally-capable person on the planet who does not know that smoking kills. Some people just do not seem to care. However, the rest of us do care. We care about our planet, our health and the generations to come. We do not appreciate your disgusting habit of self destruction and we certainly do not appreciate having to pay the societal bill when you get sick. As far as I am concerned, if you smoke, you should be completely ineligible for any form of health insurance or public assistance.

Remember, that your cigarettes are not only killing you, but they are also harming those around you and helping to destroy the very environment of our beloved planet. Please stop smoking already.

Talk to your doctor to learn how ceasing smoking can help your back pain and also put you on the path to better health. This is a choice which just might save your life, not just your spine.

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