Herniated Disc Pregnancy Tips

Herniated Disc Pregnancy

Many women are worried over a herniated disc pregnancy. Becoming pregnant can be a real blessing, but having a herniated disc or any history of lower back pain is an immediate source of concern for any pregnant woman. It is crucial to understand that most disc pathologies will not pose any risk to you or your baby, although they may make you more susceptible to back pain during pregnancy or the actual birth.

This article will delve into the prognosis for pre-existing disc injuries in pregnant women. We will also explore the very real possibility for pregnancy to cause or contribute to a new disc herniation in rare instances.

Herniated Disc Pregnancy Facts

Herniated discs are extremely common and countless millions of women become pregnant while simultaneously having herniations every year. Most of these pregnant women are not concerned, since they are not even aware that a herniation exists in their lumbar spines. Most mild to moderate herniations are not problematic or symptomatic and a great number of people have them without even knowing it.

For women who are aware that they have a herniated lumbar disc, there is likely to be worry and anxiety. These women must be careful not to allow the nocebo effect of having a herniation make them experience undue back pain due to psychological programming. It is always advisable for these women to learn the facts about herniated discs and understand that the pregnancy should not typically cause any complications with most minor and moderate disc issues.

Herniated Disc Pregnancy Concerns

Pregnant women are more prone to suffering from lower back and coccyx pain syndromes, especially in the third trimester. There are a number of reasons for this, including structural issues, nerve compression and psychoemotional causations, as well. Pregnancy is a time of much stress and the circumstances will certainly increase the possibility for psychosomatic pain.

Delivery can be traumatic for mother and baby alike. Some women endure muscular injuries from pushing during the birth, while others may suffer coccyx injuries as the baby’s head descends into the birth canal. These types of injuries can take a long time to heal, but are not related to herniated discs, regardless of whether a problematic disc is present or not.

It is virtually unheard of for a woman to aggravate a pre-existing herniated disc during birth to the point of making it acute, but theoretically, if the circumstances are right, it is possible.

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Herniated Disc Pregnancy Suggestions

It is crucial to focus on your health when pregnant and to consider every possible factor which may influence the birth. However, in the overwhelming majority of cases, herniated discs are simply non-issues for pregnant women.

If you are truly worried due to a particularly bad disc pain syndrome, consult with your OB/GYN and ask them for advice about what you can do to minimize the risk of aggravating the painful disc and how to prevent further injury during the delivery. Never discount the very real psychologically-induced symptoms which are an inherent part of almost every pregnancy, as these causes can enact severe back pain, even when the actual source is not structural.

Remember, in most cases, herniated discs are not the source of pain, regardless of mistaken diagnostic suspicions. In pregnant and postpartum women, this scenario is even more prevalent, so keep this in mind if your pain flares-up before, during or after the birth.

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