Painful Herniated Disc Flare Up

Herniated Disc Flare Up

A herniated disc flare up is a sudden acute symptomatic recurrence or escalation, which may be linked to a variety of known or idiopathic causative or contributory reasons. These herniated disc pain episodes make life an unpredictable hell for countless patients and are one of the major stressors for any neck or back pain sufferer.

I know all too well how devastating flare ups can be, since I suffered from them for decades, including the onset of sudden symptoms of lower back pain, neck pain and sciatica.

This treatise will examine the horrors of acute flare-ups, including their physical and psychological effects. We will investigate why flare ups may occur in some patients and how they might be prevented.

What is a Herniated Disc Flare Up?

A flare up describes acute herniated disc pain which comes on for a given or unknown reason. Many patients link flare ups to a specific activity or event, such as bending, lifting or working. In some scenarios, these suspected causes may be involved in causing the pain, but in many cases, they are simply coincidental incidents with no logical or actual link to the painful complaint.

In fact, many apparent causes of symptomatic escalation are merely conditioned responses and might serve as one of the most common indicators of a psychosomatic disc pain syndrome. In these circumstances, the suspected causative event is known as a trigger and acts to provide a convincing structural explanation for the sudden symptoms.

In other cases, the pain may come without reason or predictability and this can truly leave a patient in dread every day. After all, they do not know when or where the next horrific flare up will take place. This can be very limiting, since patients will have a difficult time planning any future actions or activities for fear that their backs will go out suddenly.

Effects of a Herniated Disc Flare Up

Flare ups can be recurrent events involving acute pain or may become chronic patterns of suffering. During my herniated disc nightmare, I endured both types, with the early years being filled with regular, but unpredictable acute spasms and the latter years being a non-stop journey to a personal Hades, full of pain 24/7.

I fully understand what it is like to live with recurrent and chronic pain. I know how it becomes impossibly stressful to make plans and leaves you heartbroken when the pain comes on at the least opportune times. Do you think it is a coincidence that the pain comes when you can least afford to deal with it? No, me neither.

Herniated Disc Flare Up Considerations

Many flare up conditions are certainly ischemic, not structural, and the plethora of theorized explanations used to reason why the pain occurred are no more than programmed responses. They are meaningless and insignificant. Do not focus on them. Instead, just get past the pain and start to change your thinking about the real reasons why you never can find a cure.

Why do all those treatments only provide short term relief or none at all?

Why can’t any doctor cure you?

These are relevant questions which must be addressed.

In some cases, the answer may be simple. The maligned disc may not be the actual underlying causation behind the pain. Misdiagnosis is rampant in the dorsopathy sector and was the same reason why I suffered so long.  Reconsider the diagnostic conclusion and you are already half way to a possible cure.

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