Acute Herniated Disc Pain Agony

Acute herniated disc pain

Acute herniated disc pain describes severe symptoms which come on fast and often without warning. Acute forms of disc-related pain usually result from obvious injury to the spine or back. Many doctors have reported that they believe acute lower back pain to be the worst possible agony a person might experience in their life and I can certainly vouch for the validity of this opinion myself. Acute neck pain is certainly no easier to bear.

This essay will look into the misery of acute back and neck pain related to herniated discs. We will identify the common reasons for pain to become acute and will also detail some treatment approaches which may prove useful.

Acute Herniated Disc Pain Symptoms

An acute disc injury might cause symptoms akin to any other serious lower back pain syndrome. The most commonly experienced symptoms might include any of the following miserable expressions:

Ultra severe pain which might be localized or radiating is the worst consequence of acute flare-ups. This pain might be constant or might come and go. The pain may be there regardless of movement or might be linked to a particular activity or position. There are countless clinical impressions of back pain, but all of them equate to utter agony.

Back muscle spasms might also exist and can make every moment a virtual hell. Muscle spasms are torturous to endure and might feel as if your very spine is being ripped apart. Although these events are extremely agonizing, they do not cause permanent injury and should resolve on their own.

Pinched nerve or sciatica conditions can accompany back pain. These neurological symptoms exist in the areas of the body served by the compressed spinal nerve roots. Weakness, tingling and numbness are additional burdens for these poor patients to bear.

Reduced mobility and functionality are common in any painful back syndrome. Patients typically experience actual physical restriction of movement, combined with intense fear of activity. This makes even the simplest tasks nearly impossible and leads to most patients staying in bed until the pain diminishes.

Acute Herniated Disc Pain Treatment

Unfortunately, there are few treatments which work well to reduce severe acute pain. Most of the time, patients are advised to rest and take pain management medicines. Once the worst of the episode is over, a treatment program will be planned and executed, based on the individual symptoms and causation of the pain.

There may truly be no relief from the worst acute episodes and even powerful pain medications are not strong enough to deaden the torment of some back and neck pain conditions. Once again, I can definitely confirm the truth of this statement 100%.

Acute Herniated Disc Pain Tips

Remember, most herniated discs do not cause lasting pain, so you must try to be patient and wait out the acute stage of the condition. Severe pain rarely lasts more than a few days to a few weeks and might resolve quickly in some patients.

I have suffered some acute episodes which lasted months and some which went away in days. There is no way to be sure how long severe pain will last, but stressing over the symptoms will make them worse in every instance. Try to relax and consider the psychoemotional aspects which might be making the pain intensify. This is where knowledge therapy is useful, even in the cases of actual physical injury. Patients who understand their pain, and do not fear it, recover much faster and much better than the rest.

Above all else, be very careful using prescription pain medications. These powerful herniated disc drugs can create dependency issues with even monitored short-term usage. Do not trade back pain for drug addiction. Lose the pills ASAP and look for alternative pain relief modalities with less risk and perhaps even greater effectiveness.

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