Working with a Herniated Disc

Working with a Herniated Disc

Working with a herniated disc can be a perilous proposition which may escalate symptoms, regardless of the type of job performed. Most patients who must deal with the daily grind of working for a living, while simultaneously suffering with disc pain, can tell you that the physical and emotional symptoms which are involved in their struggles can bring them to tears.

This article will examine the nature of work-related symptoms and provide some potential solutions for affected patients to consider when associating pain with their jobs.

Working with a Herniated Disc Vocations

The ironic part of working with a disc pain problem is that it does not seem to matter what type of work you actually do. The condition almost always will affect your work and it will cause you to associate pain with your job.

If you sit at a desk, I bet you get sore from sitting too much.

If you work hard labor, I bet all that lifting really kills your back.

If you must stand all day, I bet all that standing makes your back worse.

If you must move a lot, I bet all that activity really aggravates that disc.

See, it does not matter specifically what you do; it is merely the fact that you must work and are suffering with pain, so it is natural to associate normal working conditions with the intensification and perpetuation of your symptoms.

Working with a Herniated Disc Realities

While every patient will have a long list of perceived reasons why their specific job description aggravates their bad back, the actual causes of their discomfort typically elude them.

If you have already learned the facts about herniated discs, you will know that true disc pain is almost never a chronic condition. The exception is when nerve interaction is proven, but for pinched nerves, the end result should be objective numbness and weakness, not enduring pain.

For central spinal stenosis, anything is possible, since the actual spinal cord or cauda equina are involved.

The reason some patients endure lasting pain is from a psychosomatic perpetuation of the symptoms and in some cases, a psychogenic causation of pain to begin with. In many of these cases, work-related issues might actually be a primary contributor to the mindbody symptoms.

It is normal for work to be one of the major stressors in our lives. We might enjoy our work or simply hate it, but we do feel controlled by our professions and very pressured by our need to perform. This is a major factor in psychosomatic symptom escalation and ties into almost every chronic back pain syndrome I have ever witnessed.

Working with a Herniated Disc Summation

Getting to the heart of the problem is the key to unlocking the mystery of disc pain. Separating the actual causes from the perceived causes of your pain is vital to recovering. Unfortunately, this is beyond the ability of some patients. Instead of finding a real cure by looking deeper into the actual reasons why work makes their pain so much worse, they simply choose to accept the agony until it strikes them down. In these sad circumstances, the time finally comes when pain controls their lives and prevents them from working ever again.

This is the same fear I had deep in my heart for the many years I was working multiple jobs and managing my own martial arts businesses. I put a huge strain on my body, but an even worse one on my soul. I was stressed out to the limit and looking back, it is no surprise that my worst episodes of pain were work-related. Just imagine the fear of being a martial arts instructor and having the type of pain which might debilitate you at any time. It was indescribable emotional torment.

To summarize, let’s look at what you can do to make work easier with your disc condition.

First, anything which can be physically done to accommodate your injury, must be attended to. If you can’t sit, then don’t. Rearrange your desk to stand, instead.

Next, if the job is causing your stress, ask yourself why. Be introspective and dig deep to root out the reasons why going to work is such a distasteful experience for you every day.

Finally, if it is the job itself which is the problem, then quit. I know, it is easier said, than done, but no job is worth living in hell. Maybe if you pursue a vocation which is more tasteful to you, your pain might just vanish all together. I have seen this occur in so many patients over the years.

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