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Herniated Disc Advice

Patients write to me every day, looking for herniated disc advice. I have heard every possible sad story and tale of woe. I have witnessed the abundance of poor diagnostic techniques and the incredibly frequent incidence of misdiagnosis within the back pain industry. Most importantly, I have suffered alongside all of you, as my own pain is ever-present.

I routinely suggest talking to your doctor when it comes to seeking advice on any health issue. However, I also understand that many of you have lost confidence in medical providers, since their treatment efforts may have proven virtually or completely ineffective for you in the past. Worse still, I know many of you have been damaged by these same ineffectual efforts, through no fault of your own.

To this end, I make the following suggestion: Always consider the source of any advice you seek or receive and also, consider the motivations of the person providing it. Good doctors want to help you, so their motivation seems quite clear. However, some doctors, chiropractors and therapists are only in healthcare for the financial benefits and really could not care about what happens to you or your herniated disc. They are far too busy watching what happens to your money.

This article will provide some advice on seeking herniated disc advice. I hope that this common sense essay will help you to help yourselves.

Medical Herniated Disc Advice

Typically, what your letters say to me is that you were diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and a herniated disc or 2. You have tried several conservative treatments, such as chiropractic, drugs or physical therapy, but your pain continues. Often times, you tell me that your pain has changed a lot over the years and has definitely grown worse. Most of you are justifiably upset at your situation and are obvious frightened half to death for what will become of you in the future.

Your doctor has likely sent you to an orthopedic surgeon or neurologist who tried to explain the failings of your crumbling spine. The words they used were probably new to you and you understood the basic idea of what was going on, although some of the details eluded you. Generally, the whole thing sounded really bad and you felt worse after meeting with this doctor. The bottom line was that if conservative measures did not help you, you should undergo surgery. Some of you were sternly warned to have herniated disc surgery soon or else there would be dire consequences to pay. I received this same advice on several occasions, especially in the early part of my own disc-pain journey over 30 years ago.

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Disc Advice Topics

Advice comes in many forms and from many sources. We have consolidated all the best selections of topical advice below in the following reports:

A herniated disc solution may or may not involve professional treatment interventions.

Exposure to quality herniated disc information will help to educate any patient on the realities of their diagnosis.

Herniated disc lawsuits often result from accidents that cause back or neck pain.

Herniated disc attorneys specialize in handling civil litigation for injured plaintiffs.

Disc injury settlements can reach astronomical figures when liability for an injury can be conclusively substantiated in a court of law.

Herniated disc care is a huge industry within the medical and complementary medical healthcare sectors.

The many herniated disc articles on The Cure Back Pain Network have been specially written to assist us in our patient advocacy efforts.

Herniated disc patients comprise the vast majority of this website's readership.

Coping with herniated discs might not be an ideal solution, but it is better than not being able to cope.

Want to cure herniated discs? You are in the right place. There is no single more comprehensive collection of disc-related articles than right here.

Herniated disc specialists might come from a variety of healthcare backgrounds.

Herniated disc suffering is a topic we know all about from firsthand experience.

Sitting with a herniated disc and driving with a herniated disc are both difficult challenges for patients with lumbar disc pathologies.

Sleeping with a herniated disc can be difficult and might dispose a patient towards chronic insomnia.

Sex with a herniated disc can take all the joy out of lovemaking and can place inordinate stress on any relationship.

Giving birth with a herniated disc requires some special care in select circumstances.

Working with a herniated disc is certainly possible, as long as certain safeguards are put in place to ensure worker safety.

Read more about a herniated disc recurrence and better prepare yourself to prevent flare-ups of acute pain in the future.

What about posture and herniated discs? What role does posture have in causing and exacerbating intervertebral herniations? 

Do you suffer from physicophobia due to your herniated disc? You need to overcome this or face dire consequences.

My Personal Herniated Disc Advice

I know you are scared and have heard all sorts of terrifying stories about rampant and never ending disc pain. I was scared also. I was first diagnosed with DDD at 16 and with 2 herniated discs in my early 20’s. I struggled with back pain every day for a very, very long time which was blamed on these spinal abnormalities. Of course I believed all of it. Why wouldn’t I? After all, these people advising me were doctors. Surely they must know the truth, right?

Well, I did some research on my own and came across the real truths of herniated discs. I came to discover the economic motivations driving the back care industry and how the traditional, alternative and complementary treatments typically did little to cure any dorsopathy syndrome. Further still, I realized how many treatments and care providers actually worsened and perpetuated symptoms through accidental or even purposeful infliction of the nocebo effect. I was aghast and disgusted by what I learned.

The reason for my disgust was simple. I fell for all of this poor quality care for many years. I paid the price in terms of pain, suffering and a huge financial burden. I never enjoyed any significant or lasting relief from a single medical or complementary medical therapy.

I finally met Dr. John Sarno at the NYU Medical Center in New York City and he definitely changed my view on what had been perpetrated against me all those terrible years. My research changed direction and taught me many valuable lessons about herniated discs and back pain, in general. It is this very knowledge which I hope to share with you on this website.

Logical Herniated Disc Advice

You will find your own way through the pain. That is for sure. You have no choice. However, the end result is what is uncertain. Will you be truly pain-free? Limitation free?  Healthy and not fearful?

Well, statistics show that this is not likely for you. I hate to say it, but it is the truth. Back pain treatment commonly begets more back pain. It is a vicious cycle that I know well from my own failed attempts at care. I spent tens of thousands of dollars out of my own shallow pocket over the years. Where did all this money and time get me? Nowhere. So to summarize this herniated disc advice-oriented article, I offer the following from my own personal journey:

You do not need to spend money to learn everything you need to know about herniated discs. You just need to get involved in your own care.

You need to ask questions and do lots of independent research.

You need to realize that not everything you may have been told is true.

You need to become an active part of your own health and wellbeing.

I have tried to make this easier for your by providing literally thousands of articles on the sites of The Cure Back Pain Network. I hope that the knowledge contained therein will help guide you to a cure, without repeating the mistakes that so many of us, including myself, have made in the past. Learn from our failings and successes. If not, you will have to repeat them all yourself before finding lasting relief, if that concept even exists.

We would be remiss if we did not offer one last piece of herniated disc advice for you: Our proven Cure Back Pain Forever Program is effective, safe and indicated for all diagnoses. Best of all, it is available right now, 24 hours a day, to help you.

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