Herniated Disc Attorney Cautions

Herniated Disc Attorneys

Herniated disc attorneys are hired to secure financial compensation for clients with back or neck injuries caused by accidents or job functions. Although many lawyers truly care about their clients, others actually use them as pawns. These lawyers and their puppet doctors will often do everything in their power to exacerbate or exaggerate the client’s injury, in order to increase its monetary value in a court of law. In many cases, there is little or no concern about the long-term physical and emotional effects on the client and their future health, as long as the lawyer can make lots of money from their client's pain and suffering.

This critique of the herniated disc litigation system is provided to give patients something to think about when pursuing a lawsuit for an actual or perceived disc injury. Although the scenarios presented herein are not universal, they do represent common occurrences in the civil law sector and were witnessed on many occasions during my own career as a trial preparation investigator.

Herniated Disc Attorneys and Doctors

Attorneys and doctors have a long history as litigious bedfellows. They complement each other so nicely and it is no surprise that some of the bottom-feeding attorneys and equally disreputable doctors work in money-loving partnerships for the greater fiscal gain of all involved.

Many plaintiffs’ doctors and plaintiffs’ lawyers will do everything possible, including bending, distorting and simply inventing medical evidence to suit their own twisted needs. As an insurance investigator for many years, I have seen and heard it all and have personally witnessed what amounts to medical mythology and lies being allowed as admissible evidence in trial.

Herniated Disc Attorneys Facts

I am certainly not saying that all attorneys who practice personal injury law and focus on herniated disc cases are dishonest or even suspect. Some lawyers uphold the highest standards and want the facts to speak for themselves to guarantee a fair verdict based on sound principles of justice and medicine. However, many fit the detailed profile of the devious ambulance chaser. They are ready, willing and able to create medical evidence with the help of equally skewed doctors, all for the greater good of their own bank accounts.     

If you have been injured and need representation, think with your head, not your wallet. You do not need to further deteriorate our legal system by trying to fight dirty. Get a good lawyer, and in the end, the verdict or settlement you receive will be justified and will not make you lose sleep at night knowing that you purposefully defrauded the system.

Bottom Line on Herniated Disc Attorneys

It would have been really easy to write a nice promotional piece to attract legal advertisers to this page. However, that would be unconscionable. I am not a fan of plaintiff’s attorneys in general, not out of personal belief, but out of objective observation of their underhanded tactics and methods in a forum representing justice.

If you are a good lawyer who respects and upholds the letter of the law, above your own opportunities for financial gain, then this article obvious does not apply to you and I sincerely apologize for any offense it creates. However, if this article does apply to your practice, then no apology is implied or rendered and I strongly advise you to take stock of your personal karma. Using a client's herniated disc lawsuit as your own retirement plan is not what your law school trained you to do.

Using and exploiting injured people to make yourself rich is disgusting. If you realized the enduring damage you have done to so many of your clients, who truly now believe themselves to be damaged goods, you would give the money back. You have ruined lives and that is nothing short of murder, without the evidence of a dead body. Yes, this article will make some mad, but it will make the ones who really matter think. To me, that is worth the risk.

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