Herniated Disc Injury Settlement

Herniated Disc Injury Settlement

People often write to us inquiring about the expectations for a herniated disc injury settlement. Many readers know that I am an experienced insurance investigator who specialized in personal injury cases and trial preparation for many years, while others are simply looking for general information. I can tell all of you that herniated disc injuries can be lucrative during litigation, but are often far more costly to the plaintiff than they are worth.

This essay will seek to provide some insight to the value of a herniated disc injury during litigation. However, you will see that the monetary value may be the very least of your concerns if you have been injured with a resulting intervertebral herniation.

Herniated Disc Injury Settlement Woes

I am an outspoken critic against our society’s litigious nature and am especially hard on plaintiff’s attorneys, as I have seen the damage they can do to their clients. While many make their justifications based on the claims of: "fighting for those who are wounded" or "standing up for the rights of the injured", it does not take a genius to see what these lawyers are fighting for themselves. In essence, they want money in their own pockets. Plain and simple.

Now, there is nothing wrong with trying to earn a living or even putting a socially conscious, if not completely insincere, spin on it. However, when you purposefully orchestrate the downfall of a patient’s health in order to make yourself money, I personally believe you and your puppet doctor should go straight to jail. I am not alone in this sentiment.

Herniated Disc Injury Settlement Cases

Lawyers get hold of patients who believe themselves to be injured. Some actually are, while some merely perceive to be. Instead of making sure that their clients receive the best care from objective sources, these lawyers make them enter treatment with back pain injury mills and puppet physicians who make sure the patient truly believes that they are permanently damaged. This is ironic, since most herniated discs are completely innocent and asymptomatic and a great number existed long before the supposed injury or accident which is blamed for causing them.

The doctors make tons of cash milking the insurance system dry in treatments, which are often not even needed or indicated in many cases. They establish a paper trail of medical records proving that treatment is not working until they can justify a surgical procedure.  Meanwhile, the patient is along for the ride, not even aware that they are being played as a pawn in a financial profit scheme.

Herniated Disc Injury Settlement Verdict

I am not going to talk about verdicts and rewards here. Instead, I am going to talk about punishments. For their ignorance of the crimes perpetrated against them, most patients have to deal with a lifetime of continuing suffering.

Once the trial is over, the lawyer and puppet doctor couldn't care less if you are still in pain, or even if you drop dead. They got paid and the only reason they will still deal with you is if you feel like paying them more for useless medical services which never cured you before and won’t cure you now.

You are on your own. They are rich from your suffering and the pain of countless others like you.

I am not writing this article to be cruel or to generalize about the behaviors of all doctors or lawyers. Many are fine examples of their professions. I am simply sharing a great number of real world experiences which have mimicked this pattern time and time again. This was my business for years, so I know from first hand experience. Worst of all, it is I who get the letters from these same patients several years after their lawsuits have ended. The money is gone, the pain is still there and the lawyer is living it up on the French Riviera with a super model. You tell me, who won?

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