Winning a Herniated Disc Lawsuit

Herniated Disc Lawsuit

A herniated disc lawsuit is one of the most common types of personal injury cases and is often related to work injuries, car accidents or industrial accidents. Herniated discs can certainly occur spontaneously from traumatic force common to all types of accidents, such as slip and falls or sporting injuries. However, the very same medical system which diagnoses disc injuries and supports litigation practices is often used to contradict the symptomatic existence of a herniated disc, in relation to a particular injurious event.

This essay focuses on litigation that is caused by a herniated disc injury. If you are involved in a herniated disc lawsuit, then this dialog is a must read before it is too late.

Herniated Disc Lawsuit Defined

Herniated disc litigation is a huge business within the personal injury sector and plaintiff’s attorneys are always pushing the envelope to receive larger monetary rewards for their clients, and therefore, for themselves, as well.

As a professional trial preparation investigator for many years, I have had the unique displeasure of dealing with these litigation cases as part of my day to day job. While some plaintiffs were truly hurt and in need of compensation, many were obviously opportunistic storytellers, pawns of their attorneys or even victimized by their own doctors for the sake of ill-gotten money.

As a back pain researcher, I can tell you that most herniated disc litigation cases were laughably ridiculous in the way the facts are presented in court and some of the arguments used by plaintiff’s attorneys and doctors completely contradict accepted medical knowledge, although this is openly allowed, and even encouraged, by our plaintiff-friendly legal system.

Herniated Disc Lawsuit Details

The majority of herniated discs do not cause chronic pain regardless of how they occurred. Some injuries are painful at first, although these symptoms will resolve in 2 to 8 weeks statistically and are not even likely to be a direct result of the herniation.

In cases where the injury was painful due to a herniated disc, research has shown that treatments are virtually always able to correct the structural concern. Most herniations blamed on accidents and injuries were there long before the trauma occurred and spinal degeneration can prove this almost conclusively. These herniations may have been there for a long time, but produced no symptoms, so were undiscovered. Once an accident occurred, diagnostic imaging located the herniation which is mistakenly associated with the traumatic event.

I have seen these cases go to trial despite overwhelming evidence that the herniation was old and the plaintiff still wins, which is completely illogical to me or the defense's medical experts.

Herniated Disc Lawsuit Recommendations

This advice goes out to the patients involved in lawsuits themselves. You are mostly innocent in these cases. Some of you are opportunistic and know what you are doing, but the rest, please do not take offense to this article.

You have been told by the professionals you trust that you are injured and have bought into this theory 100%. This may be true for some of you, but in the majority, you are fine. Any disc prolapse you may have suffered could very well have existed prior to your accident or may have fully healed since.

The continuing pain may have been brought upon you through diagnostic nocebo effect and the doctors who have cared for you as part of your lawyer’s recommendation are not helping to cure you at all. If anything, they are most likely perpetuating your pain to make everyone money.

It is a simple trade. Your health and future for their money.

You mean nothing to them and once your case is over, they will leave you behind like yesterday’s news. You will still have pain and will probably spend all the money you make from litigation on future treatments, as your life goes into a downward spiral. I have seen this time and time again and it makes me sick. I am welcoming the angry letters which are sure to follow, but just remember my warning to you: Everyone who reads this article will think that they are different and in very few cases, they are right. The rest of you are in for a real awakening at some point.

Health is more important than wealth. Do not allow yourself to become pawns to make some already filthy-rich lawyer even richer. In the long run, it is you who will pay the price.

This article in no way is directed at patients with obvious extensive trauma. Instead, it is directed at functional and rehabilitated people who have been brainwashed to think that they are permanently damaged goods by herniated disc attorneys and their puppet doctors.

If you think this does not happen, then you are kidding yourself. I can tell you from years of experience that it happens time and time again to the cost of 1000's of lives I have personally seen dashed on the proverbial rocks. I assure you, the pain will last long after the money is gone.

No one is saying not to bring a herniated disc lawsuit. Just do not let the litigation prevent you from learning the facts about herniated discs. Be careful! Remember, I write this because I care and want you to recover.

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