Learning from Herniated Disc Articles

Herniated Disc Articles

When writing the herniated disc articles on this site, it was important to give a complete picture of how herniated discs are diagnosed and treated within the modern healthcare system. However, it is even more important to describe how they affect the average patient who must endure endless suffering from the often incorrect perception of what a disc herniation actually is.

This essay will provide readers with advice on how to find and utilize various literary works which might help them to better understand, and possibly even defeat, their chronic disc-related back or neck pain.

Medical Herniated Disc Articles

Searching the internet, or the local library, you will find an untold number of medical articles detailing the barbaric treatments perpetrated against patients with this very common and mostly asymptomatic spinal condition.

It seems that doctors are always looking for some causative structural condition on which to blame back pain, despite the long history of ineffective treatments for these very same anatomical sources. In the course of this quest for the cause, physicians have created hundreds of possible diagnoses which describe how the spine is responsible for the epidemic of chronic dorsopathy in our modern world. This is strange, since back pain never seemed to be such a huge concern prior to 70 years ago.

What changed in our spines in the past few decades which made us so susceptible to the horrific pain I see every day?

Misinformed Herniated Disc Articles

Of course, we have not suddenly evolved into weak and failing creatures in a few generations time. Our spines are as strong as ever and possibly even stronger, due to the increased awareness of what it takes to be able-bodied and healthy. The structural problems with our backs have always existed, but the source of pain may not always reside in our spines. Instead,it may linger in our minds.

The mind and body work together to create every state of good health and disease which we experience throughout our lives. Of course, there is considerable outside influence in the form of diet, lifestyle, injury, sickness and such. However, the mind and body have always and will always work together to create optimal health and fight adverse conditions which might make us sick or injured.

Most herniated disc articles are full of technical information about spinal degeneration and how the changes in spinal anatomy must be the source of pain. Since when? Our collective spines have degenerated throughout history, yet never before have we blamed this normal process for causing pain. Sure, getting older can cause some aches and pains, but how does that explain the agonizing dorsopathy syndromes I see every day which occur in mostly 25 to 50 year olds? It makes no sense from a purely physical point of view.

To me, just like to the innovators in the field of mindbody medicine, the cause of some treatment-resistant pain conditions is the psychoemotional interactions between the mind and the body, not any theorized, but unproven structural abnormality. This thought is reinforced by the countless people who have herniated discs and other so called back pain sources, but experience no pain at all.

Let’s not over-generalize here, however. Some disc issues can and do cause pain, as well as neurological dysfunction. However, these extreme examples of true disc pathologies demonstrate evidence of their pathological components. They do not just reside in the spine innocently. They actually compress the spinal cord or impinge on a spinal nerve, eliciting a specific set of appropriate symptoms which correlate to the diagnosed condition.

Our Herniated Disc Articles

It is our hope that presenting a complete picture of what often causes back pain might help some of you to recover. Sure, disc injury can cause pain, there is no denying this fact. However, there is also no denying the amazing healing processes which we enjoy in our bodies. Why would 10 broken bones heal in a matter of weeks and one little herniated disc continue to hurt for years? Now that is illogical.

It is even worse that the medical industry, which is dedicated to helping back pain patients, is the very source of most of the mythology surrounding disc conditions. It is a mockery of good science and ethical medical practice.

I are not trying to get you to buy anything or become my patient. I have no selfish motives for providing you these herniated disc articles. I simply feel that I have suffered enough to know what many of you are going through and truly want to help. I can’t stand to see others have to endure what I did and still do. Learn the facts and become better prepared to face back or neck pain head-on.

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