Enjoying Sex with a Herniated Disc

Sex with a Herniated Disc

Sex with a herniated disc might be difficult, less enjoyable, or even downright impossible, especially if the bulging disc is located in the lower lumbar region. Herniated discs in the lower back sometimes cause problematic consequences which can affect a person’s sex life, including pain and uncomfortable neurological symptoms. In a few scenarios, the herniation might even enact physical sexual dysfunction.

This essay will discuss how sex can exacerbate the symptoms of some herniations, either through neurological or mindbody reasons. We will provide some guidance for patients who are currently experiencing any type of sexual problem which is related to the incidence of back or neck pain.

Sex with a Herniated Disc Issues

Sexual interaction is an important part of a healthy intimate partnership and a lack of satisfying sex can cause tension in virtually any relationship. People affected by lumbar herniated discs might not be physically able to perform the sex act. They might be in too much pain to move about and their suffering might prove to be too great of a distraction.

The actual spinal nerves which control sexual function are located in the sacral spinal region and are not generally affected by herniations or degeneration. However, sympathetic pain from lower lumbar herniations can, and often does, affect sexual performance.

In some circumstances, a severe herniation, or a disc protrusion in combination with other canal narrowing factors, can cause extreme stenotic change in the lower back. This may impinge on the sacral nerves which do innervate the genitals, potentially causing true dysfunction. In other instances, extreme cervical stenosis might also have damaging effects on genital functionality, as well as creating other lower body symptoms.

Sex with a Herniated Disc Solutions

It is important to talk to your doctor if you find your chronic back pain interfering with your sex life. Your physician might have some valuable advice which might help facilitate a more enjoyable experience for you and your partner. It is fine to try out some new positions or activities, since certain methods of sexual interaction might work better than others for you.

Try to avoid getting stressed out over the fact that your herniated disc is affecting your sexual expression. Conscious stress can be very disturbing and might contribute to the overall pain level. Worse yet, repressed stress can actually cause back pain to begin with and is often the underlying reason for the symptoms in many patients. Psychological stress about sex is very sensitive and is just the kind of emotion which is almost sure to worsen your suffering.

Sex with a Herniated Disc Considerations

The key to getting through a tough time with your partner is open communication. Do not keep your thoughts, feelings, fears and insecurities bottled up inside. Instead, share them with your partner and thank them for being patient and supportive of you in your time of need. Additionally, encourage your partner to share their thoughts and feelings on the matter and help to work out some potential solutions for your shared situation.

There is sex after a herniated disc. However, it is crucial to overcome the fear and nocebo effect of the diagnosis and allow yourself to take part in the normal events of life.

Sex is just the beginning. If you can get up the courage to tackle this sensitive interpersonal issue, then you will surely eventually be able to overcome all the restrictions and limitations imposed upon you by your herniated disc.

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