Giving Birth with a Herniated Disc

Giving Birth with a Herniated Disc

Giving birth with a herniated disc can be a troubling issue for many pregnant women. Pregnancy is a time fraught with worry, anxiety and concern, along with a vast number of physical symptoms which can make life very tough for those 9 long months.

It is crucial to understand that most herniated discs will not affect a pregnancy and should not present any heightened risk during delivery. However, since the emotional worry of a preexisting disc condition can also cause problematic symptoms, this article will seek to provide some facts about giving birth with a history of disc problems or general lower back pain.

Before Giving Birth with a Herniated Disc

A herniated disc pregnancy is already worrisome, since most women know that lower back pain is par for the course as the baby develops. It is easy to blame this discomfort on a herniated disc and the symptoms are likely to grow much worse if a structural scapegoat exists to take the blame.

It is wise to learn the facts about herniated discs and realize that most are completely asymptomatic and do not any create any significant health risk, regardless of whether a woman is pregnant or not. If pain does occur, it may be better to keep it in perspective as a temporary side effect of the pregnancy and not buy into the structural model of pain which has been proven to be so damning to believing patients.

Remember, most herniated disc treatments are useless for curing pain in non-pregnant people. Being with child, your treatment choices will be limited, so do not expect too much from your doctor or chiropractor.

Actually Giving Birth with a Herniated Disc

Many women are left sore and endure lasting back pain and sciatica after giving birth. This is common, herniated disc or not. Muscular injuries from labor are common and coccyx injuries can also occur from trauma during delivery. These events may create chronic pain for weeks or months during the healing process. It is so typical to blame these pains on a coincidental herniated lumbar disc, and once again, suffer the possible misdiagnosis and subsequent treatment failures so common to this sector of medicine.

Do not assume that back pain is due to a preexisting herniation, as this can be a recipe for disaster. Diagnostic testing will reveal if the herniated disc has indeed gone acute, which can happen in theory, but rarely does in actuality. Remember, in order for the disc to be enacting chronic symptoms, some form of verifiable nerve interaction must be taking place.

Giving Birth with a Herniated Disc Tips

Do not fear that herniated disc. Instead, concentrate on your health and making yourself ready for the baby. The pregnancy will be hard enough without the added worry of the disc abnormality. Remember that untold millions of women give birth every year without even being aware that they have one or more herniated discs in their lumbar spines. They are fine and so are their children.

Statistics show little, if any, correlation between back pain and disc pathologies, so it is time to focus on what is critical; the expected blessing of a new life.

Women are encouraged to speak to their obstetrician and neurologist if they have a history of lower back issues and are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Your doctors might be able to help to prevent pain during the pregnancy and birth, which will put both your mind and body at ease.

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