Failed Herniated Disc Surgery

Failed Herniated Disc Surgery

Failed herniated disc surgery is yet another instance where invasive treatment has been shown to be the worst possible option for dealing with chronic disc pain. Spinal surgery has proven itself to be so overused and ineffective at resolving most forms of neck and back pain, that it has actually earned a designated condition named for its horrible curative results: failed back surgery syndrome.

This article will examine why spinal surgery offers such poor results for treating herniations and how patients may be able to find lasting relief without risking the uncertainties of invasive disc care. Do not let failed herniated disc surgery become your fate. You can prevent it and we will show you how to do it.

What is Failed Herniated Disc Surgery?

Many patients go under the knife in the hope of ending their pain forever. However, many awake to find that their nightmares have just begun. Not only does the surgery not cure their herniated disc pain, but it often makes it far worse. Furthermore, there was additional damage done to otherwise healthy spinal structures, which now creates additional discomfort and related functional limitation.

Sometimes, permanent nerve damage or another serious complication, such as infection or a spinal fluid leak, occurs during the surgical process. Some particularly unfortunate patients die during spinal surgery, while others are paralyzed. These occurrences are rare, but they do occur every day.

Far more common are the patients who simply never get better and begin a steady downward spiral into progressive pain and disability after undergoing invasive surgical interventions. Think it does not happen? You had better think again.

Reasons for Failed Herniated Disc Surgery

The most common reason why herniated disc surgery fails is a simple mistake in the diagnostic process. Many disc pain conditions are misdiagnosed and therefore no treatment, including surgery, will be effective at resolving pain if it is directed at a mistakenly identified causation. This makes perfect sense. Misdiagnosed back pain is a huge problem in the medical community, but becomes a gigantic liability once surgery has entered the realm of proposed treatments.

Imagine undergoing an agonizing surgical procedure, which will permanently limit your future physical activity, when you never even required the procedure to begin with. This is the reality faced by countless herniated disc patients every year.

Sometimes, surgery is indicated, but still enacts poor results due to several possible reasons:

Iatrogenic error can cause complications in even the most appropriate surgeries. This is why it is so important to hire the very best surgeon, if you do require an operation.

Poor choice of surgical technique also causes a tremendous amount of problems, especially when a simpler and less invasive operation might produce better results than a fully open procedure. Make sure to research your surgical options thoroughly, to avoid choosing the wrong one to treat your herniated disc pain.

Minimally invasive procedures are always preferable and should be your choice whenever possible. Full open back surgeries, such as traditional laminectomy and spinal fusion, demonstrate the worst results of all and that is saying quite a lot when it comes to the generally poor treatment statistics of virtually all spinal surgery procedures.

Failed Herniated Disc Surgery Cautions

I get letters every week from postoperative patients who have taken a turn for the worse. They are desperate and looking for any advice to help them. They allowed themselves to be led into surgery like lambs to the slaughter and are now filled with regret. They are at the end of their proverbial ropes.

Unfortunately, the best I can often tell them is that I wish I spoke to them before that first surgery. Once the damage is done, sometimes there is just no better answer. Luckily, some patients can still beat their pain, even after dealing with unfulfilling surgical results. It takes more work, but it is possible.

Do not allow yourself to become a victim of inappropriate or unnecessary back surgery. Be proactive in your own health and take the time to learn about your options.

Herniated disc surgery alternatives offer generally better curative statistics and do not have the associated risks of surgical interventions. I always advise pursuing these non-surgical methods first and saving surgery for the very last resort.

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