Herniated Disc Surgery Alternatives

Herniated Disc Surgery Alternatives

Herniated disc surgery alternatives may offer the chance for a true and lasting cure without having to brave the hazards of invasive disc care treatment. Undergoing herniated disc surgery is a serious and possibly life-altering event and back pain patients are wise to leave this path as a final option, not to be utilized until all other conservative modalities have been exhausted.

This dialog will focus on some common and lesser-known methods of treating disc protrusions without using surgery. We will cover the many symptomatic care methods, as well as detail a few prospective lasting cures. If you are looking for the best herniated disc surgery alternatives, then you are in the right place.

What are Herniated Disc Surgery Alternatives?

Alternatives to spinal surgery include noninvasive treatment methods used to either cure a herniated disc condition or at least treat the symptoms of the condition. Cures are therapies designed to end disc pain permanently by resolving the underlying source process causing the symptoms. 

Symptomatic treatments do nothing to cure the condition, but are effective in relieving the discomfort associated with some herniated or degenerated discs.

Obviously, whenever possible, it is advised to seek out a non-surgical herniated disc cure, rather than become dependent upon any type of symptomatic relief therapy.

Why Use Herniated Disc Surgery Alternatives?

Herniated disc surgery is a very risky and often completely ineffective treatment option. Some patients receive good results and are actually cured of their torturous pain. These are examples of correct diagnosis leading to effectual treatment. Too bad, they represent the minority of treated patients with disc pathologies.

However, many patients undergo the trauma of surgery and experience no relief at all. In fact, a sizeable percentage of postoperative patients actually report worse symptoms after surgery. In addition, many of these patients have been permanently damaged by their surgical interventions and have been left partially or completely disabled for life.

Spinal surgery demonstrates terrible results for curing back or neck pain, in general, and herniated disc procedures are no exception to this rule. It is always better to avoid surgery in every case and pursue noninvasive treatments which might be more effective and far less hazardous to your health.

Symptomatic Herniated Disc Surgery Alternatives

Choosing to pursue a symptomatic treatment modality is not the best choice. While these methods might be good at enacting pain relief, the effects are generally temporary, which creates the necessity for ongoing care.

When is the therapy regimen going to end? If the treatment does not cure the pain, a patient must return time and time again simply to get some measure of relief. This is a vicious circle of dependency upon a therapy and can waste years of a patient’s life and huge amounts of money.

Symptomatic treatments are fine in the short term and some might even help cure a disc pain condition occasionally, but do not put too much faith in the healing powers of these symptom relieving modalities. It is always better to pursue a real cure.

Recommended Herniated Disc Surgery Alternatives

I generally recommend 2 treatments for the permanent relief of actual or perceived disc pain conditions. This recommendation is based upon highly effective curative results in a wide sample of patients demonstrating a variety of painful disc syndromes.

Knowledge therapy is typically my first choice, since it is excellent at ending mindbody back and neck pain forever and is either completely free or very inexpensive. There is no risk with this treatment and it has sparked my most famous quote: "You have nothing to lose by trying it, except your pain". This effectual treatment speaks for itself and needs no sales pitch from me. However, it is not effective for all patients, since some people truly do need actual physical treatment, when the diagnosis of nerve compression or spinal stenosis enacted by a herniation is correct.

Spinal decompression is a noninvasive physical treatment modality which shows great promise for resolving ongoing disc pain conditions in many patients. The treatment is short term and not too expensive. It is effective for disc pain due to several diagnosed causes in numerous locations in the spine. Best of all, most patients who experience relief from decompression enjoy lasting good health and functionality, without recurring treatments.

Herniated discs are big business in the medical community. Do not be surprised if you are recommended for either surgery or ongoing symptomatic treatment, since both of these options will ring the cash register for care providers.

Knowledge therapy is rarely recommended, since nobody makes money from this treatment and decompression is becoming the first popular nonsurgical treatment which entails limited financial expenditure. Best of all, these therapies are ultra successful in beating disc pain and have earned my highest recommendations.

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