Non-Surgical Herniated Disc Treatment

Non-Surgical Herniated Disc Treatment

Many patients are desperately seeking effective non-surgical herniated disc treatment, so that they can enjoy relief without having to face the potential horrors of a spinal operation. This is an enlightened decision, since disc surgery shows very poor curative results and also comes with many inherent risks. While surgical interventions can permanently reduce patient functionality, they are statistically unlikely to enact lasting pain relief, if any at all.

This discussion will examine the best noninvasive herniated disc therapy options and detail their pros and cons. If you are trying to avoid surgery, then you are in the right place to investigate all the non-surgical herniated disc treatment choices.

Non-Surgical Herniated Disc Treatment Types

While most noninvasive therapy modalities qualify as purely symptomatic treatments, there are still some which might permanently end disc pain once and for all. Symptomatic therapies should be avoided whenever possible, since these modalities enslave patients into a perpetual regimen of treatment, without the hope of curing anything at all.

Non-surgical cures are few and far between when compared to the vast number of symptomatic therapies. However, learning about your treatment options will give you the information you require to make the correct choice when it comes to finding noninvasive herniated disc relief.

The most important thing to remember when considering disc pain treatment is that most herniated and degenerated discs do not cause pain. These conditions are normally experienced in the spine as part of the natural aging process. Furthermore, you do not have to be old to experience either of these conditions, since degeneration is present in virtually every human spine by the age of 20 and far earlier in many patients.

The point here is to make sure that the diagnosed structural issue is indeed the actual source of pain, since many are misidentified as such unjustly and incorrectly.

Diversity of Non-Surgical Herniated Disc Treatments

The best treatment for most herniated discs,   and in almost every case of degenerative disc disease, is no treatment. Simply learning the objective facts about perceived disc pain will tell you that most intervertebral irregularities are not the source of considerable or lasting pain. Although a new disc injury might be painful, most conditions will resolve without any special medical care at all.

Research statistics show that patients who receive no care for their herniated discs become pain-free faster and for longer than patients who seek out medical therapy. To me, this is a simply amazing bit of information which should be considered by every back, neck and sciatica pain sufferer.

Patients who doubt the efficacy of medical modalities may choose to learn more about the benefits of knowledge therapy. This is the non-treatment treatment. Knowledge therapy educates individuals about the common interactions between the mind and body, which are responsible for worsening, perpetuating and even causing some physical pain syndromes.

For the remainder of patients who are actually suffering from structurally-induced disc pain, I typically advise considering spinal decompression as a terrific option. Decompression therapy is very effective in permanently ending herniated disc symptoms and providing relief from problematic degenerative disc disease. Decompression has few risks and demonstrates excellent curative statistics for disc patients. The major downside here is the rather high cost of treatment.

Non-Surgical Herniated Disc Treatment Synopsis

Some patients find that combining all these non-surgical techniques together is the best idea of all. They choose to wait the condition out and use knowledge therapy to counter the emotional aspects which increase symptoms. If this does not work, they might consider decompression therapy. Waiting and knowledge therapy have no risks and are completely free. There is nothing to lose by trying this simple suggestion. It has worked for millions of suffering patients with a wide range of disc diagnoses.

I was advised to have back surgery by several different orthopedic surgeons. I was scared to death by the prospect of surgery and did everything possible to prevent this from being my final option.

Prior to discovering knowledge therapy, I was really beginning to consider an operation, since all my other attempts at treatment failed miserably. A few of my doctors told me that surgery would be the only way left, some warned what would happen to me if I did not acquiesce and one doctor threatened imminent disability. That was over 25 years ago.

Thankfully, I was too informed to believe these myths. Spinal surgery shows abysmal statistics for curing back pain and not a day goes by that I do not get letters from at least one patient with failed back surgery syndrome.

Don’t buy into the hype unless surgery is truly the only option you have left. Barring cauda equina syndrome sufferers, I would not recommend surgery for any chronic disc condition unless every other option has failed, yet the diagnosis is undeniably correct. Keep this in mind as you pursue your own cure. I hope this website can help you in making up your mind on the best non-surgical herniated disc treatment for your particular pain problem.

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